Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Promise to myself

I promised myself I would finish this quilt for Christmas....I should have specified which Christmas but alas I did not.   This one was bound technically I could say it was for this Christmas if you follow the old tradition of Old Christmas Day in January....yeah...that's what I will do..  I kept my promise and finished this quilt for Christmas. I will even keep my tree up until the 6th of January....just in case.
This was before the DD's came home to add their presents under the tree...ridiculous I know but it is still fun.  I should have closed the door to the storage room but DH insists we keep it open for air circulation.  I could always tidy it up .....nah...too much like housework. 

Happy New Year to all......

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Anonymous said...

Love it. I’m half done mine. Happy new year. Gail M.