Sunday, September 30, 2018

Ribbon Here!

 I love getting ribbons, especially the People's Choice means that several people liked your quilt ...not just one or two who would be judging the quality of your workmanship. Mind you there were several quilters at our show this past weekend so I think it was actually a way.  Anyway, it certainly is not the only reason I quilt and applique but it certainly is rewarding to get validation. This quilt..Reminiscence...won first place People's choice in our quilt show...means I get this ribbon.

And a goodie bag with presents in it and most of all, I have bragging rights for the next two years..

All in all , it was a good weekend.

Monday, September 10, 2018

I was hacked!!

I was so discouraged...I tried to post this to the blog a couple of weeks ago and couldn't get on ....I was hacked...some nasty critter from Romania had hacked my blog and installed a cookie that took you to another site.  I shut down my computer and left it...thinking I would have to take it to my "techie" guy and have him do a deep clean but tonight I decided to have a quick look and lo and behold the new anti-virus program I installed did its cookie!!

In the meantime, I wanted to show you the mat I made.....well, not just newly was actually a bag that I had made at the Villa Madonna retreat a couple of years ago and never, ever used.  I hated to have it just hanging in the furnace room(that's where things that go to wait execution or retrieval...whichever  comes should see the yarn.....but, I digress). 
So I took it out, de-constructed it and realized it was exactly what you did for the jelly roll rugs without joining the strips .  Super!  Waste not, want not, right? 

I put this lovely flat mat in the spare bedroom and DD # 2 came for a visit and decided it would look great in her bathroom. Guess where it is.  Oh well, I could always make another one.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Summer's season

Remember this....DH wanted to fill in a wet spot and put together  this raised bed.  It was soggy and difficult to walk around in it despite the addition of soil and plants.

 NOw....after a few weeks of rain and some sun this is what it looks like.  I can walk around in it and the soil is firm....good thing since it has been overrun with weeds.  I started cleaning some out but I need to spend more than just a few minutes each day to really clean out the weeds.  The flowers obviously love it there and it you enlarge the picture you can see the giant tomato plants growing next to the bushes we planted.  They definitely love it there.
Couldn't resist a close up of these double lilies.  One of our neighbours was cleaning out a bed and thought we should have some  I am so glad since I just love them. Wish they lasted longer than a day though.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Reminiscence Done!

I took this out of the frame a couple of days ago and realized I didn't like the scallops on the three sides without quilting inside them....they looked too puffy. So I spent the better part of two evenings hand quilting them a little more.  Now you have to appreciate my dedication­čść has been in the high 20's and low 30's temperature enough by itself...but put a queen sized quilt with wool batt on your lap.....well you know the rest....I am warm to say the least. However, it is quilted and bound...just have to create a label for it.....that I will do when I create some for the five others waiting for labels.

I stood on a chair for this somewhere that if you get up higher  you get a better picture.  Not so sure about that.

Friday, July 6, 2018

My Canadian Women

It took a while to get this one done.  I was working diligently along with the group until August last summer and then had cataract surgery kind of interrupted my  rhythm for a few months but once I got on track again it didn't take long to get all these little six inch squares done. I took the whole thing to the Villa Madonna to put it together and discovered that I had removed a square that was very similar to the previous one...thinking I had already done that one . thank heavens for the generosity of quilters...some background fabric and some reds donated 'got 'er done".

I bound it this week, deciding it was big enough without another border. I had it quilted by Agathe Klingenberg..a local long arm quilter and a good one.  You really can't see but it is quilted with big maple leaves.....appropriate, no?

The heart square is for my Mother...she was truly a great influence in my life and I still miss her. The four corners and the centre flag were my contribution as they were not in the patterns.  It was a great challenge at a time when I needed to get back to basic piecing, especially with small pieces. Plus it is an appropriate memorial both for Canada's 150th birthday and for amazing women that had and have great influence.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Another Bag!

 This is an Emmaline bag...I do love her patterns and purses.  It was relatively easy to do...I spent the day working on it and I really should have spent more time and then I wouldn't have made the 'boo-boo" I made on it.  Can you spot it?
This is the inside...has a zippered compartment...and yes, it was really simple to do. That is what makes the Emmaline bags so very attractive...and easy to do.  I liked the grommets through the top flap..something different. They were easy to do as well.  If I ever make another one I think I will be more attentive to the panel on the front flap..I can think of a few other designs that I may like.  Spotted the boo-boo yet?  Well it is the clasp should be straight across and not up and down. Still works ...just not as efficiently as it would be crossways.....oh, well I am probably the only one that will notice it.