Monday, December 3, 2018

Got some show and Tell!

 This summer when I was in Nfld...I visited many quilt shops...yeah!!!
In Gander, my home town, I came across this called my name despite the fact I'm really not supposed to add to my Christmas "stuff"...I'm supposed to downsize and get rid of some things.  But this one was fun to do and I really like it. It tickles my funny bone.  The top reindeer is "Chilly" , he's got snow on his ears, head and nose and his teeth are grimacing with cold...poor baby...the second one was supposed to have ornaments on his antlers...didn't have any so I hung snowflakes ...ergo his name is "Flakey"  and the third one has Christmas lights on his antlers and his name is "Bulby". The fourth one is , of course, "Santy".  The designer did not name them, I did... yeah, I know I'm just a big kid at heart.
Finished this one the other night. It will be going on our bed for the is big enough and is called "Winter Wishes"...appropriate name. If I had my time back I think I would have not had so much of the dark green in the borders...adding , perhaps a red would have brightened it up some. As it is , I find it dark...ah well, it will keep us warm and that is the main thing.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Decision Made!

I made an executive decision and just added a darker blue border.  I did the calculations and realized that in order to make this quilt queen size I would have to add large borders to make it fit and that would have dwarfed the centre...would have looked odd.  As it is , I really liked the original pattern by Sindy Rodenmeyer....colours included so why change a good thing. is the semi finished product.  It is ready for hand quilting...once the winter wishes is done...that is about 2/3 of the way done so I may get this in before Christmas.  It is a small quilt so it won't take me long to quilt never know I may have it done FOR Christmas...wouldn't that be nice! 

You can see Tigger's feet at the top...she is checking it all out...not sure if she approves or not.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Another decision!

 You have , no doubt, read my love for Sindy Rodenmeyer's patterns (Fat Cat Patterns if you are interested)...this is another of her designs...offered for free starting February of this year...she has another starting soon...

Anyway, I really liked this one so I puttered away and finished this portion tonight.  There is supposed to be another border...a darker blue's nice and I like it but I really prefer to make quilts that will fit a bed and this one does not. Soooo.....I have to decide whether I am going to make this a lap type quilt or buckle down and add wider borders and some more applique and make it a bed size quilt...I could do that since I have a quilt in the frame I am hand quilting now and it will take me a while to get done. Trouble is, I am not sure what I want to put in another border...I'm thinking ...holly and lights like the ones around the Ho Ho square...not all the way around...maybe  two opposite corners and leave some space for some fancy quilting...which I love to do....any suggestions?

On another note, this is what we saw out our patio window yesterday....a momma and DH thinks ...last year's fawn.  Whatever , they had a great feed.....

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Decisions! Decisions!

I've put the final borders on this quilt and now I have to make the big decision.  Do I put this quilt in the frame to quilt and hopefully have it done in time to go on my bed around Christmas time....or do I wait and finish the quilt on my design wall below....the last square (rectangle actually) will be available on the first of November. I will probably be able to finish this one shortly after that and it could go into the frame and I would definitely have it

quilted before is a smaller quilt...around single bed size so it would be one I could put on the sofa upstairs..just for show.....damn, I hate making decisions....especially when I really don't care which one I do.  Neither of them turn my crank..they are all is useful and the other is useless...decisions, decisions!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

A UFO on its way!

When we were planning our trip to Newfoundland this summer, I thought there might be evenings that I would have time and the inclination to work on something quilty. So I took out the book Called Warm Winter Wishes that I had bought specically for that purpose and chose fabrics for each of the squares and organized them in individual baggies . I put them in a container with the thread and all the accoutrements needed.  Turns out I was too tired each evening to bother
                                                                                                        doing any sewing or applique
and actually did none of it.

Once we got home and things settled down I took the patterns out and started working on them.  Two things ......I did not provide fabric for ALL the pieces of the pattern and would have been royally p.o'd if I had tried to work on them.  Secondly, some of the fabric was decidedly too Christmasy and this really is not a Christmas quilt as much as it is a winter quilt.....I would not have been
happy with the result if I had worked on it then.

Now it is winter  with a little Christmas thrown in. The other thing that I could have put a little more thought into is the fabric used for the borders...the dark green . Perhaps I should have mixed that up a little.  There is another border that goes on...I'm thinking of adding some more red to it...there are cornerstones with stars in them...that should work...anyway, it is hand appliqued and will finish at  88 by 100...big enough to be a winter quilt on our bed. It goes into the frame to be quilted  ( by hand) probably next week...

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Challenge Accepted!

This beauty is one of my favourite quilts.  I hand pieced it and hand quilted it...that is.... the centre of it was the original quilt.  However, at our quilt show a lovely lady purchased it with the proviso that it could be expanded from a queen sized quilt to a king sized quilt.  Well......I had never done that before and even though I promptly said yes, I was not sure that I knew what I was doing.  I had an idea how to go about it and as soon as we got home from Boston, I set about enlarging it.

First, I took of the binding....carefully since I no longer owned this quilt.  Then I attached 12 inches of fabric all around the backing by folding back the front and batting and sewing it is the blue of the front ...even though the original backing is a beige to brown shade(couldn't find anymore of that fabric).  Then I folded back the backing and batting and attached the front borders.  I decided to add a slightly darker shade of turguoise than the larger border...three borders in all...two inch, two inch and 6 inch.....I mitered them for a more aesthetically pleasing finish. Then I folded back the backing and front and carefully attached more batting using that wonderful silk like tape that works wonders with attaching batting.

I then put this great big quilt into my Hinterberg frame , just using the front rail and the second rail. I used a lot of pins and pulled as tightly as possible and hand quilted the rest of this big blue baby.  Guess what! it Worked! I just had to put it on my bed and take a picture.  Look at how big it is on a queen sized bed.  It is now 108 by 108...a big girl for sure.  I just hope the lady that bought it is as pleased as I am with it.  I really hate to part with it. I knew it would garner interest because it is stunning when hung out full sized.....ain't nothin' like a scrap quilt. Anyway, it goes to its new home today. I will miss it.. oh well......I could always make's not like I don't have some extra material.....LOL!