Saturday, October 27, 2018

Decisions! Decisions!

I've put the final borders on this quilt and now I have to make the big decision.  Do I put this quilt in the frame to quilt and hopefully have it done in time to go on my bed around Christmas time....or do I wait and finish the quilt on my design wall below....the last square (rectangle actually) will be available on the first of November. I will probably be able to finish this one shortly after that and it could go into the frame and I would definitely have it

quilted before is a smaller quilt...around single bed size so it would be one I could put on the sofa upstairs..just for show.....damn, I hate making decisions....especially when I really don't care which one I do.  Neither of them turn my crank..they are all is useful and the other is useless...decisions, decisions!


Linda H said...

I see no one has left a comment yet, to help you out. I like them both! Guess it depends on whether you feel like quilting a bigger project, or a smaller one right now. Go with the one you feel is more “useful”.....?

Love Of Quilts said...

I would go with useful. Be good to have a new quilt on your bed for Christmas time.