Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Banners tell it all

Each of the guilds that attended the Gathering of the Guilds 2010 brought a banner that depicts the points of interest in their encompassing area. They were also asked to bring a queen size sheet to pin their banner and some samples of the projects done through the past two years.

As you can see by the diversity of the banners, there is a lot to see in New Brunswick. Not to mention the myriad of projects the guilds have been creating. We saw vests, clothing, purses, tote bags, crumb catchers(donations to seniors homes), preemie blankets, children's quilts(to the RCMP for children in distress) and charity quilts(to transition houses and families in distress), Victoria's quilts(cancer patients undergoing chemo), ouch pouches(breast surgery) name it, quilters make it and donate it.

We were astounded at the fabric art we saw...the creative side of each and every
guild...the great number of teachers that are willing to travel to promote the
craft and share their ideas.

I guess you can tell I am an avid supporter of the gathering. Not only did we learn a lot this past weekend we had a lot of fun. We played Quilter's Quarrell ( a version of family feud) with
questions from a really old game...needless to say we got to giggle about some of the answers. Absolutely everyone got a door lady actually went home with a full size's that for a door prize.

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Funoldhag said...

What a fun idea to have banners for each quild. Sounds like you had a great time at the gathering. I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I will help out with setting up our quilt show. Always fun to see all the beauties hung.