Friday, July 6, 2018

My Canadian Women

It took a while to get this one done.  I was working diligently along with the group until August last summer and then had cataract surgery kind of interrupted my  rhythm for a few months but once I got on track again it didn't take long to get all these little six inch squares done. I took the whole thing to the Villa Madonna to put it together and discovered that I had removed a square that was very similar to the previous one...thinking I had already done that one . thank heavens for the generosity of quilters...some background fabric and some reds donated 'got 'er done".

I bound it this week, deciding it was big enough without another border. I had it quilted by Agathe Klingenberg..a local long arm quilter and a good one.  You really can't see but it is quilted with big maple leaves.....appropriate, no?

The heart square is for my Mother...she was truly a great influence in my life and I still miss her. The four corners and the centre flag were my contribution as they were not in the patterns.  It was a great challenge at a time when I needed to get back to basic piecing, especially with small pieces. Plus it is an appropriate memorial both for Canada's 150th birthday and for amazing women that had and have great influence.


Love Of Quilts said...

That is fabulous.

Colleen said...

That’s gorgeous, Gail! I was working on that one too, and still have not finished.