Sunday, July 1, 2018

Another Bag!

 This is an Emmaline bag...I do love her patterns and purses.  It was relatively easy to do...I spent the day working on it and I really should have spent more time and then I wouldn't have made the 'boo-boo" I made on it.  Can you spot it?
This is the inside...has a zippered compartment...and yes, it was really simple to do. That is what makes the Emmaline bags so very attractive...and easy to do.  I liked the grommets through the top flap..something different. They were easy to do as well.  If I ever make another one I think I will be more attentive to the panel on the front flap..I can think of a few other designs that I may like.  Spotted the boo-boo yet?  Well it is the clasp should be straight across and not up and down. Still works ...just not as efficiently as it would be crossways.....oh, well I am probably the only one that will notice it.

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