Thursday, March 8, 2018

A Snow Day!

It started out this morning with blowing snow...whiteouts at times and then , being close to the Fundy Coast, the snow turned to rain. It's a mess out there. Being in the ranks of the retired means I don't have to go outside unless I want is good.  I figure this means I can have a sewing day....not that I don't every day anyway...this way it is guilt free. Thought I would show some of what I have been working on.  If you follow my blog then you know how enamoured I am of Fat Cat Patterns and Sindy's talent.  This is the current block of the month she is offering this year. It is called "Gnome for Christmas" and I am delighted with it.
 That was the first block above and this is the second block. Her patterns are surprisingly easy to do and so effective. My biggest complaint is that I am so eager to do the whole quilt I may not wait for them to come monthly and purchase the complete pattern from her.  Her prices are reasonable (excluding the U.S. to Cdn. ). I won't be able to finish this for Christmas if I wait since the last block comes in November. Darn it, we are such an immediate gratification society.
I could always get back to hand quilting and finish this quilt for my great-niece.  I'm planning on going to Newfoundland this summer and I'd like to take it to her.  BUT, 2017 row by row is in production, 150 Canadian women is in production, Canada Mystery quilt is in Production and I have a bag pattern all ready...yes, I know I don't really need another bag, but it is so nice....and things do wear out , you know. Well, this has been my five minute break, my cup of tea and cinnamon buns are all gone, time to get back to work......

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Love Of Quilts said...

Cute blocks, You have so much going on in the way of quilting... where would I fine the mystery quilt you are referring too.