Saturday, April 28, 2018

Not Consistent

 When I signed into my blog I noticed that I hadn't posted since sometime in March......I guess you could say I am not very consistent.  I think about blogging...even write them in my head and then I just forget about it...I'm easily distracted.  Ah is what it is. 

I went to the Villa Madonna on retreat last week and it was great....up to a point. 
I loved the sewing time, the company and  without doubt...the food!  I had this all ready to be put least that is what I thought.  When it came time to put the squares all together order , mind you....I discovered that I had not done one...ONE damn square!  When I looked at it all more closely I remembered that was extremely similar...almost identical to the previous square , so much so that I thought I had already done it and threw it aside(too bad I didn't put it in the carry box for this project). Well the ladies saved my had some extra reds and one had some extra white to match some of my whites. I had already taken some extra cornerstones and sashing ...just in case I screwed up. 150 Canadian Women is done and ready for the longarm quilting. I am not hand quilting this one....too many seams for my liking. If you haven't done this problem it can be involved...but I would strongly recommend you read about these makes you proud to be, not only a woman, but a Canadian woman at that.

This is the second project I 2017 Row by Row experience.  I went light in the sashings this year.  Not sure how I feel about that.  The row on the upper right sticks out like a sore thumb but the extra row that I had was one that went cross ways and couldn't substitute for it. I should have used softer colours in that row. If I had looked at the whole project instead of the individual rows I might have caught that but as it is, it was fun to do.

I've had this next  project since 2004. It was a Christmas gift from a good friend who has since passed away. She knew how much I loved wolves. I kept looking at it and feeling a little intimidated by it kept putting it away. I brought it with me to the Villa thinking I would solicit some help if it got away from me.  Well, I finished the two projects above and was really at loose ends with a day and a half to fill. I won't say it was easy but it certainly wasn't the difficult project I thought it would be. Mind you I didn't read the instructions carefully enough and sewed all the borders on before I realized they were to be sewn on AFTER the wonder under pieces.  After "unsewing" and resewing with the picture all
finished, I "got'er done!"


GailM. said...

Awesome. I love your row by row. I would have not noticed the darker row from the photo. Looks great to me...

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I do the same thing about blogging. I even take pics thinking they will make a great blog post, but then my attention is thrown to something else. But you have been busy so you have a great excuse. Love your row by row.
xx, Carol