Friday, June 24, 2016

Scrappy Nine Done!

 Well, here is is...FINALLY! ....all quilted.  I put this quilt in the frame before Christmas with the intention of working away at it whenever the mood struck me ....I had hoped to have it finished in a couple of months...easy quilting...all the same pattern throughout. I think that is where the boredom set it...I have been quilting quilts with different patterns and that made it more interesting.  I literally had to psyche myself up to sit at the frame and finish this one. Despite all the different colours , quilting the same pattern all over bored the bejeesus out of me. AND, if  I wasn't anxious to put another quilt (my Baltimore Christmas)  in the frame it would

probably still be in the frame staring at me. I did the last stitches tonight ...tomorrow I shall put on the binding...that part of the quilt is my favourite task...then it will be going on our bed. It is not show worthy...I could go on ad infinitum as to why...let us just say that fools rush in where angels fear to tread.  (I was supposed to take a day class to put it together but decided I knew how to do it and didn't need instruction...fool me!!)

On a lighter note, I love , love peonies.  I have four plants ...white, pink and two  fuschia (sp??) and each and everyone of them bloom so well and do they ever smell gorgeous.,especially at night. One of them is a cutting from my Mother In Law's plant. I take it with me whenever we move. It is the prettiest of all and the biggest. I like to think it would please her to know that wherever her baby boy is(in his 70's but still would have been her baby)  this plant goes too.

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