Thursday, February 25, 2016

12 years in the Making

It is hard to believe but it has been 12 years since DH retired from the RCMP.  For his retirement  I made him a memory quilt...I think I showed that on a previous post....and this one.  Instead of having a guest book at his party, I put together these squares ...paper pieced so they would have some stability for writing on and brought a handful of markers and let everyone, that wished to, write something ...silly, sentimental or sarcastic....their choice. DH is a well known tease and it was a perfect opportunity for some

Some of the comments are down right funny, some are warm and fuzzy and some are very racy...those I definitely will not show you.  This one...I did try to turn it but google wouldn't accept the resulting attempt....was from a sweetie that wanted to work with him.

The naughty part of this whole thing is that I put it aside and forgot about it until yesterday when I was trying to find something else....I really should tidy my craft room....and realized that it has been 12 years....where has the time gone and I really have no excuse for not finishing this now. I put fleece on the back...looks kind of lumpy on the picture but I will do some top stitching to smooth it out...not tonight...I sat at the sewing machine too long today and my back is really letting me know.  DH is happy , not only did he get his signature quilt done...he got to "help" ...he spent some time tearing the paper least favourite thing about paper piecing...good thing I know another way to do it without having to tear off the paper...wish I knew it 12 years ago.

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