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Great Grandma's Machine

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Number 12

Here it is , number I have no excuse I have to start on the "Big Guy"....I have it all traced and numbered and I am ready to go.  The pattern was too big for my light box so I taped it on the patio door and then taped the fabric over that. I panicked for  a second when I had it almost finished and thought I had put the fabric on the wrong side out....had to un tape and check...turned out I did it right, the pattern is traced on the back side of the fabric where it is supposed to be....AND I remembered to reverse Santa so he turns to the left which is the way I want him turned.  Now comes the fun part...choosing fabrics.  Wonder if I have enough  in my stash....   ha ha.....just kidding!

on a side note that yellow ribbon is actually gold.....looks better in person...

Friday, April 29, 2016

I went to the Villa

I had this all ready for the villa before I went.  Each of the rows were done and I had designed the layout to fit them all.  Some of them came from Ontario (bless DD # 1  ) and some came from Alberta(bless DD # 2).  I've written down where each one came from and will make sure it goes on the label.  The only one that I did was the fish one.  I designed that on EQ7 and hand appliqued it.  I must say it was a fun project.  Each strip in itself was fun to do and could have certainly stood alone for a wall hanging  but having a bunch of them made it more challenging to finish.  One of the ladies at the Villa commented  "Boy, it sure has a lot to look at!"  Do you think she meant it was a little
Here's the second project I worked on.  Another crayon quilt. The first one I did went off to my grandniece in Newfoundland...hope she wears it out.  Where this one is going to go is anyone's guess. I think I will practice some more on my machine quilting...I really need to work on that.  Then it will probably go in a cabinet like the other quilts I have no idea what to do with.

For my third pays to have more than one thing to do....I brought my Cathedral window squares to work.  got 8 done. NOw it is time to set it aside and work on the twelfth square of my Baltimore Christmas. I am anxious to get at the "Big Guy"........

Thursday, April 21, 2016

I've been Inspired!

 This past Monday night one of the "Ladies of the Evening" brought in her Cathedral Window to show us.  She's been working on it for a number of years and decided it was time to show us.  Isn't it gorgeous!

Well, it got me inspired to get my rear in gear.  I've had the background fabric for months now and just put it aside while I decided just how big I wanted to make my 'windows'.  I finally decided on making them 2 inches which meant that I had to cut my squares at 8.5 inches.  I've cut them in batches of four to fit each square and here are two of them ready.
They finish up at 7.5 square which means that I need around 144 of these squares.  When I calculated the amount of background I needed I realized that I am a bit short...Off to the fabric shop today to make sure I can get some more of the background that I need.  I forgot just how much fabric is needed to make a Cathedral Window. If I cannot match the background I may have to consider a much smaller quilt......gadzooks!!!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Number Eleven

I'm not sure why this picture is so dark...maybe I should take it again in natural daylight...but then, what the'll see it when it is put together with the rest.

This is number it finished last night and decided to start tracing number twelve...the one I've been dreading...before the "Big Guy" that is.

I put the pattern on my light my square all aligned and started tracing.  It was coming along just great when I noticed something different...a small slit ...shredding in the fabric.  Now this was good fabric I bought for this pattern. If I was going to put a lot of work into it, I wanted to have quality material.  Yet there it was..about the size of a wasn't a cut.... it was shredded like the fabric was weaker at that spot and just gave away. Needless to say I was PO'd.  Not only did I have half the pattern traced...and that is a pain to do....I have to cut another strip and then the square which means the rest of that strip will be wasted...If I don't have enough to do Santa and then the outside borders I will be royally PO'd.

Well that is my that off my chest now I will go to my work space , cut another strip of fabric and get down to it.  Any more ruined spots like that and I will say bad words...badder words than the ones I said last night.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Appliquing away!

 This is number eight of the Christmas Baltimore that I have been working on.  It seems that each time I start a square I am a little intimidated by all the little pieces that have to go into them but once I get started they just seem to fall into place.  The nice thing about it, all the pieces in the pattern  are numbered so I don't have to sit down and try to figure out which order they have to be applied.  /The hardest part of all is picking out colours.  I'd like to follow the picture as close as possible but not exactly the same...feel me??
This is number was surprisingly easy compared to the rest...absolutely no embroidery either which was a little different.   The colours are not quite true here....they are a little more brilliant in person unlike the
I spent the day cleaning up containers of fabric...bits and pieces that were too small yet too big to throw out.  I did manage to get rid of a lot of little pieces..and trust me, that was really hard for me.  I just tossed it and refused to look in the direction of the garbage can.  When you are an appliquer, the smallest of pieces are important especially when all you need it a tiny piece of a colour and you just  hate to cut into yardage for it.  Just ask anyone that appliques and they will agree with me.

I also wanted to stash the pieces into colour batches but you know I swear there are thousands of shades of blue and green and yellow and so on.  I did discover, however, that blue and green are my predominate colours. I knew that blue was because I tried to organize blue before but geez, am I ever a green loving person...who knew!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tote Done!

DD # 1 posted an url , I believe it is a Robert Kaufman website....about a free pattern for a wonderful project tote.  She was looking to challenge some others to make it along with her...well , momma here decided she'd go along for the ride and here is mine.  I wanted to go to the fabric shop and get a bunch of coordinating fabrics but studmuffin wasn't interested in taking me there...he was driving , so I would have had to walk home....besides, as he pointed out I have an awful lot fabric at home....sooooo, I dug into my stash and came up with these...sort of in the same colour range
If not, who cares....I like it. There are five pockets with one zippered .  Worked up fairly easily. The only thing I did that the pattern did not call for was tack down the four corners (lining and outside fabric).  There is lots of room for "stuff" and I have a feeling I will use it.  If DD # 1 does make hers, DD # 2 may like this one....give me a good excuse to make another with fresh, new fabrics from the fabric store...there is always a method to my madness..