Great Grandma's Machine

Great Grandma's Machine

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Busy Time!

DD # 2 was here for a visit so we took her to Moncton to see this memorial to the fallen RCMP officers that were killed in the line of duty a couple of years ago.  A very emotional day.  So many things to break your heart. I won't get into all the things that put a huge lump in my throat and even made a few tears fall .....suffice it to say, it sure holds your attention.

This is one that I definitely thought a lot of....a picture of the member and his wife..he was known to carry it in his forage cap.  The sculptor is a Newfoundlander...I am so proud to say.
 We also went to the memorial to the many Irish families that settled in the area.  We were delighted to see a John and Mary Fearon listed among the many brave settlers.
 This weekend I just had to find something to do and this wallet got chosen....I picked up the pattern at one of my favourite quilt shops and decided today was the day.  It worked up rather quickly...instructions were very well done.
Here's the for cash, six credit cards(or other cards...I certainly don't have six credit cards) and of course, a zippered part for coins, of which I have many....tee hee...

Thought you might like to see the Princess Pudge (Faith) being her usual regal self.....

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Had a great day trip!

The three musketeers , MW , DH and I went on a day trip .  We drove to Amherst , NS. to attend the fibre arts is town wide and a wonderful feast for the eyes.  I took only a few pictures..too busy yakking and admiring....but these caught my eye for various reasons.  First, I love to see quilts....miniature or a tad larger framed and this one was nicely  done.
Secondly, this maze quilt is fascinating to see and much more effective when hung high so you can see the full effect.  Doesn't hurt that the church is a gorgeous backdrop.
Thirdly, this little quilt was a cutie...the Scotties are appliqued and the border fabric is of Scotties as well. ..then the squares brought in the colours used in the plaids of the Scotties...clever.

That is all of the photographing I did at the Arts festival...there actually was not as much to see this year...not sure why but the modern quilts were not there and each show had fewer quilts.
 Now this I found very was at the Greater Moncton Quilt was a bed turning.  In pioneer days the ladies didn't get to see each other during the winter and when the spring came they would have a 'bed turning' wherein they would stack the quilts they had made through the winter, invite friends over and show off the quilts they had made down to the mattress and turn the bed.  Great way to display and get work done as well.  These ladies explained about each quilt's history and ownership...was an interesting demonstration.

 This little wall hanging caught my eye...being the avid dog lover that I am......the dogs had ties on...wonder if the fabric used was actually from their ties...whether it was or not,, I loved the way it honors our beloved pets.
This was another that caught my eye...mainly because I think I can reproduce something similar and if I use colours that match a wall it would make a great wall hanging...don't hold your breath waiting to see my interpretation...I have too many projects just waiting to get done.

Regardless, the day was a terrific one...good friends, had a great lunch, saw some great quilts, ran into old friends and someone else is good!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I'm a stubborn cuss!

I hate to see the quilting frame without a quilt in it...kind of empty looking. I have two waiting to be quilted..this is one of them ..I was not sure how I wanted to quilt this one..not really a lot of empty space for some fancy quilting, soooo,....I am just doing some cross hatching and stitch in the ditch around the petals of the plate. I had challenged myself to make a quilt without any jewel tones it it and I have to say it was it is , a couple of the fabrics are darker than they should be.

We  spent a long weekend in Ottawa with our daughters just recently and DD # 1 was doing some downsizing and cleaning out.  She had a box of CD's and I managed to sort through some of them...not all , darn it!....but I did get some oldies type music...she loves all kinds of music , thank heavens.  Anyway, I wanted to put the albums on my ipod and I have to say I tunes is not very user friendly.  I spent the morning trying to figure out how to get them onto the ipod...after turning the air blue and condemning Apple to the nether regions I finally figured it out.( I also figured out how to get rid of some of the music on the ipod that I did not want....yea, me!) I spent the afternoon listening to Paul Simon, Neil Diamond, Abba....and much more.  While I listened on the wonderful entertainment centre that DH bought me and has only been used for movies, I put together this
 quilt.  Can't remember the name of it, ....something waves...found on All People projects.It is one of two I shall be making and not quilting....doesn't appeal to the hand quilter in me...too modern. I will probably send it to a wonderful long arm quilter that lives around here...she does amazing work.  The next one will be in aquas and green...keep tuned.
Today I got a little nostalgic...between listening to oldie music and getting this with our newspaper... The Sear's Wish Book......I remember when I couldn't wait to get the wishbook so I could pick out things I wanted for Christmas...and when our kids were small we'd make sure we were close by when they were looking at it so we'd know what they wanted for Christmas...memories...misty..coloured water....nah....never mind. It sure has changed...not near as much 'stuff' in it...paper is cheaper...not glossy and surprise, there was absolutely nothing in there I wanted. I must be getting old.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

I am a winner....I have proof!

Here's a wall hanging "Sewing Machine Swap" won first ribbon for Small quilts category at our bi-annual quilt show.  We don't have judges, which in itself is a good thing...too much stress...our judges are the general public who vote for their favourites. I got this fab ribbon (interestingly enough that is my covered bridge and the bragging rights that go with teasing those who didn't participate in the swap that perhaps they should have...look out now ladies.
"Whoo Knows", my owl quilt won third place in the bed size category ....a little bird told me that it lost by one vote for second....I knew it would be popular but the quilt that I would have voted for if members were voting is the one that placed is phenomenal...all hand pieced ...teeny tiny pieces and extremely well hand quilted..puts us all to shame it was richly deserved.

Here's the first place winner...see what I mean..Phenomenal!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

No excuse!

 When I was in school I could never use the excuse that 'My dog ate my homework." It just never happened and we had dogs...not like Tigger though.  I was working on the labels for the quilts in our upcoming quilt show...hubby hollered "Let's go for coffee!" and like an idiot I jumped up and away we went.  Here is what we came home to....thank heavens the registrations were up near the computer because she would have eaten them too.  As it is she ate the lists I had made of the quilts by size and the lists of the various types...something I could redo.

 The interesting thing is these posters are gloss finished and heavier than plain paper...this is another that I got from the advertising chair...good thing, too since I had to take a picture of it for the brochure...the one above just would not do.  Oh well, it could have been worse...she could have eaten the cash that was in the folder .  That is my Tigger..she is just a little different.
Here is my sewing machine wall hanging all finished.  I took out the turquoise square in the upper right corner...just didn't cut it for it is mostly earth tones with splashes of colour.  works better , don't you think?

I have the perfect spot for it in my sewing room...after the quilt show....

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Another PHD nearly finished

 Some months ago I put a proposal forward at my local quilt guild...Sindy Rodenmeyer of Fat Cat Patterns had a Sew A-long and I wanted to participate. I got two members to agree and I coerced my DD # 1 to join in.

Here's the result. That's my sewing machine on the top with the "Cut" on the left and the Pin and Sew on the right.  I made my squares smaller... so I had to improvise and make it fit.  The second one is my DD's...I added the "Puss in the corner" squares. The third one (MW's) has the "Quilt" applique that I added and the fourth is the original from SS.  It was this one that
gave me the idea to add the extras to bring it all together.

 And then to top it all off I made another
sewing machine ...on the off chance that more would participate and since they didn't I am going to use it as the label.
 It was a fun project...a little challenge and sometimes we need that to get the juices flowing.  In hindsight  I should have kept this square with a light background and dark letters...just wanted a change...not sure that it was a good idea.

Ah well, it will be hanging in my sewing area so I can lament about that for years to come.
This is the close up of SS's square. Love that she did the quilt hanging with buttons, her pin cushion is dimensional as the tea cup is so appropriate since we have shared a cup or two at guild.

Next step, deciding if I want to make it wider and longer , then to quilt it and bind it...machine or hand....oh my, decisions, decisions!