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Great Grandma's Machine

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Got a reminder!

 Had coffee with a long time and valued friend yesterday and she reminded me that I have a blog and she follows it..."What was I working on?"...well, sheesh, I got to thinking about that....I've been knitting...that's a given in the winter but I have also been puttering around with these squares...for a Christmas Bouquet that I bought probably two years ago.  I put it aside because it intimidated the bejeesus out of me.  Every now and then, I pick it up and realize that like every other quilt I have done that scared me some...just one step at a time and it all gets done.  This one is number three...there are 26 little pieces to each snow man and then there is the embroidery after that.  I guess at this point  I should add here that  I love to embroider on careful of what you wish for.

This is block number two...they are not in the order  the pattern recommends. I put them in the order of how easy I perceived them to be...silly me...they are all difficult. Now I am just grabbing a pattern and doing checking the number of pieces...what was Nike's motto "Just do it"!
I did this one first... and kind of enjoyed it.  I put it aside for almost a year...yeah I know..stupid, I should have kept going but sometimes things get in the way.    I have number four all marked ..the fabrics picked out and waiting for me to screw up my is a gingerbread house with lollipops and cupcakes and candy canes...oh my!!
This is another project I am playing around was a swap I presented to my guild ...only two members signed my DD # 1 in Ottawa, bless her heart.  I made the three smaller ones...I want to make mine shoebox style...DD's is the middle one and the bottom one is from Susan at my guild ..she embellished hers and I love it!  The fourth one will be along soon...she is one busy lady but I know she will get hers done...can't wait.  I plan on added smaller fillers with appliqued thimbles, scissors, rotary cutters and maybe a coffee cup...or should I say tea cup since I am a "tea" totaller. If I get myself organized I may have it ready for our quilt show in September...I have time, right???

Friday, January 15, 2016

I'm a Knitter too!

saw this on Pinterest and it intrigued me.  A double beanie....reversible no less. I loved making it and now that I've learned the technique I think I shall make some double knitted mittens. I've  been stuffing a second pair inside my mittens to keep warm and surprisingly that works.  So my tiny brain says why not knit them double???? right???? well you stay tuned, that's my next project and if it works guess what I will be making for Christmas gifts next year!

If you are wondering why I went with stripes for the reversible's because I wasn't sure if I had enough yarn in the cream so I used up a scrap of taupe pretty good even if I do say so myself.   Nice and warm too.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

now I can show you!

 I made a few things for my firstborn since she is a quilter and could use these projects, I am sure.  This is a scissor holder...for your larger type scissors...those that you would smack someone up the side of the head if they used for paper....right?....
 Ironically this picture shows the Paper scissors I put in just to show what I meant....maybe I should refer to the holder as one for paper not fabric scissor holder....nah, just kidding!  I made one for myself this morning and it didn't turn out half as nice as this one....
This is a thread was adapted from the original pattern since DD # 1 is much like her mother and uses cones instead of small spools.  I also used a mesh instead of plastic
 If you are wondering...the red stripes are actually zippered she can have some cone space and some spool space.
Now this project was interesting.... it is to carry gadgets...scissors, rotary cutter, pencils, thimbles, any class she is going to.  Since she is quite the retreat lady she could probably use it.  I made it with the dog bone fabric since she is a puppy lover , too....
 I also used plastic in this the top part and at the centre and side.  I like this one and may end up making one for myself eventually.
Our DD # 2 came home for Christmas and she was knitting herself a pair of socks...without a pattern no less...she has surpassed her momma for sure.  Here she  is with her faithful companion, Tigger.....who is supposed to be MY dog but the minute DD# 2 walks in the door , I do not exist.
I am trying to finish up PHD"s (projects half done) and this one was really bugging me.  I made it  last year for my great-niece who will be a year old in February but just couldn't get the gumption to finish machine quilting it.  Enough was was time it is all I have to get it in the mail off to Newfoundland. Let's hope another year does not go by before I get it mailed.....

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Something I can show you....

 I saw this project on Facebook and on Pinterest and it bugged the beejeepers out of me.  I was so very intriqued with it...I kind of figured it was squares put together...and I was right but then I had to decide how big and what angle and whether or not to bind each square or "birth " the squares.   I tried a six inch square but it was too small, although I think the smaller version would work as well.  I increased the size to 8 inch squares , used a fairly firm batt and made each of the bindings the double colour binding and determined the angle of the join by mathematics....from one and one half inch across to the four inch point...I think it worked......I sewed the tips together by hand and added the beads for the more festive look.    The
picture I saw had greenery around the hurricane lamp and it looked amazing.  Since I don't bring greenery in until a few days before Christmas (makes it last longer in the heat)I added some fakery around the bottom of the lamp.

What do you think?  Does it work?

Sunday, November 8, 2015

A to do done!

I don't know what it is about brown but I seem to be using it a lot these days.  The last project I did had brown in it...the reversible woven table runner and now here I am ,again, using brown for this table topper.

Not only that, you'd think I'd had enough of table toppers but here you go...another one.

This one is part of the Block of the Month we are doing at guild.  The technique we were using was the fast flying geese. I tried it a long time ago when I had less patience and wasn't really happy with the results.  This time I didn't cut off any tips....BONUS....and the geese worked up predicted.  I did not choose my colours wisely...should be more of a contrast between the two batiks I least the brown make the stars pop a little more.  Too bad it is going to be hidden under my computer.

I think the next stage of the Block of the Month is applique...I like that!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

A designing Wall

This is my design wall this morning....An applique up in the corner that has been there for months....I had planned to have more done by now....nope , not happening!

The miniatures are supposed to have borders, batted, backed and quilted....nope, not happening!

The hexagons have been around forever...they were an experiment...that worked and now I am not sure what to do with them....maybe I shall put them in a shoebox ....for a future shoebox quilt...

The chocolate brown thingy on the right is going to be a table runner. It started out with just Batiks but they kind of faded into the background so I added the chocolate and now they look a little better...they will eventually be a small table runner to sit under this here computer that I am playing at........................And

this Dresden plate ....well it was started in April
at the Villa was one of those projects
I took with me , just in case I actually felt like doing some hand piecing.  That didn't happen so it came home with me.  I got to it during the summer and did a few blocks when I realized that I did NOT have the sections all organized and accounted for which means I had to start all over again and count the number of squares I needed along with the pieces for the borders ,thank heavens.  It turns out I did not cut enough background pieces and I have easily a couple of hundred Dresden petals cut out...darn good thing, too, since Tigger got hold of one of the packages and ate four of the petals before I caught her...they are now outside in the grass...I've seen them...DH wants to know if I want to bring them in, wash them and use them...he's such a twit!

I made a TO Do list this morning since I was beginning to feel a little frustrated at not getting anything actually finished.  There are nine things on it...and that does not include things I want to do for Christmas  so as of now I am regimenting slacking thing per week...I shall post as I finish each one. My advice...don't hold your breath waiting.