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Great Grandma's Machine

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Keeping busy!

 I went on a road trip last summer and collected Row by Row patterns from the various quilt shops...lots of fun considering my stash almost doubled in size along with the patterns...oh well, one must feed one's addiction. Hello! spring is coming really quickly despite that pile of snow we have in our front yard and I need to get organized for the Villa Madonna retreat. Ergo I started the row by rows and here's the first one.  Can't remember where it is from...I have it written down somewhere.  The rows are all arranged in a quilt design so it is just a matter of getting them done, deciding on what colour fabric I want to use to join them and then I can put it all together at the Villa. If you were wondering the theme for 2016 is Home Sweet Home.

 In the meantime, I am still working on the Fat Cat alphabet. Here's O...for owl, right? pretty straight forward and easy to recognize......
well! here's N and I haven't got a clue what animal it is supposed to be.  Do you have any suggestions? I honestly cannot think of an animal that starts with I having a senior's moment here ?   Just wait until I get to that is going to be a revelation.

Regardless, I am enjoying the whole process and it will be another project to take to the Villa.  I will probably put this one together with scraps...multi colours and use one fabric in cornerstones and outside borders and binding  to pull it together...means a shopping trip....oh well, if I have to!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Nova Scotia And another Project

Here's the Nova Scotia BOM for the Cantik Batik Mystery quilt.  Still  have a few to go but I've decided to put it aside for a bit.  At the rate I am going I will have all the ones I have all done and then I'll be sitting here waiting to do the rest. I have very little patience at the best of times ...days maybe, months no.
So I decided that I would have a look through my patterns and start another project.  I love Sindy Rodenmeyer patterns....she's the one that designed the Whoo Knows owl quilt.  I loved doing that one so here's another project by her.  It's obvious that it is the alphabet...A for Antelope  and below is B for Bear . I am currently working on C for Cow. I collected the patterns a long time ago and put them together for a later date. I think you can order them on her web site now.
She does a BOM for free every year...this year is Caught ya! lures...great for the fisherman hubby. I have her gnomes sitting in a packet waiting to be done as well.  She also offers a lot of freebies on her website Fat Cat Patterns. Her patterns are really easy to do, instructions easy to follow and kind of cute. I'd really be in trouble if I had a grandchild...he or she would be inundated with quilts.Can we say obsessed?

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Tuesday has gone by!

 I would have done these yesterday but  I got involved in something else and put them aside.  Figured I'd best get them done before the next three came out and I got behind again.  Perhaps I should have done them yesterday because I was all thumbs at the machine today  and let us just say that the seam ripper got put to good use.  Not that these squares were difficult , I just made a lot of little errors that I had to correct.  'nuff said.

In the meantime I am working on these as well.  Obviously the chickadee is for New Brunswick...the inukshuk is for Nunavit and the horse and mountains is for Alberta.  Am currently working on Nova Scotia and will post that one when it is all done, squared off and edged.  I don't think I will get the finishing kit ...DD says she is not getting one  plus I think I would like to challenge myself to put it together so it works out....Thank heavens for will be a big help.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Back at the 150's

Blocks 31 to 33 are done..easy peasy  and now I have to wait until next Tuesday for another set.  Darn hard to do when you are as impatient as I am.  But there you go, I have no control over how quickly I can get these patterns so I just have to suck it up.
 In the in between time I decided I should get to work on the Cantek batik Canadian Mystery that DD# 1 gave me for Christmas and a few birthdays.  Here is block number one.....New Brunswick, of course.  As you can see I made a rookie mistake....not thinking here at all....and did the pattern backwards.
Not that anyone other than myself would notice...right? I'll tell everyone that I did it that way on purpose.
I must say, as much as I love the finished look of batiks , they do not lend themselves to applique the way ordinary cottons do.  There is very little give in batiks..they have a tight weave and don't curl or curve the way cottons do. Means I have to work a little harder to get that curve...poor me plus I really have to dig out my good applique needles instead of using quilting needles.  I have tons of those but I am not sure where I put those perfect applique needles I bought ages ago.  Guess I'll just have to did around until I can find them...that may take a while.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Bring it on!

 Well I am all caught up and now I am ready for the rest.  Even went to the Fabric Cupboard and bought 5 more reds.  There are so many to choose from and so many shades...hard to believe how many there are.

I've got my 30 done and now I have to sit and wait for Tuesdays to get 3 more each time.  Darn I am impatient!

Since it is hurry up and wait...which I cannot stand....too used to always doing something....I decided I should take a look at one of the many projects I have sitting in containers just waiting to be done.  The one that is really itchin' the spot is the Canada Mystery quilt that DD # 1 bought me for Christmas and several birthdays.....  I have the New Brunswick pattern all drawn and ready to be appliqued. 
The pattern has been designed for steam a seam and raw edge(or blanket stitch) but I really like to back baste applique so I am adapting as I go along.
I will post a picture of the first square I get finished.  I am not sure if I have all the patterns or if there are more to come so I shall just work away at what I have . If there are more it is another case of hurry up and wait....I don't know if I can stand this waiting stuff.

If I get really anxious there is always the row by row for 2016 that I have in another container....since 2017 is already gearing up...quilt shops are designing patterns as we speak....I really should get my 2016 done. I have it it is just a matter of putting it all together.In the meantime I can always sit and knit on the "toe up" socks I started. 

Hate to be bored!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Why Wait?

When DD # 1 told me about this project, I got a little excited,,,,,doesn't take much....I thought , what a great idea...150 Canadian women and their stories plus a quilt pattern to go with it.  So I signed up . At first , I thought I would wait until I got all the patterns and then make them at my leisure.  When  I joined the facebook page and saw what all the other women who had joined were doing  I got a little antsy...bitten by  the bug.   I am not caught up yet...there are 27 as of now  and I only have 12 done.  They work up rather quickly so I expect that it won't take me long to catch up. I am really enjoying the process...the stories are definitely inspiring . I have been using fabric from my stash plus some of the project fabric that I bought at the Fabric Cupboard in Moncton and some I bought here in Sussex at the Crafter's Vineyard.  It's not near enough so it looks like I shall have to force myself to buy more red fabric...oh , the pain!!!