Great Grandma's Machine

Great Grandma's Machine

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

design walls are fun

I am making a hexagon quilt...with loads and loads of diamonds...scrappy , of course.....and it seems as though I have loads and loads of leftover diamonds to play with...oops, silly me...maybe I should have calculated how many I would actually need to make the quilt....yeah, right!!!

Anyway, I have to do something with these scraps, so why not make some table toppers and sell them at our quilt show next September....
That's where the design wall comes in, I can play around with the colours and see which ones I like the best.   I preferred the combination to the left with a darker blue in the centre and the light surrounding it.
 This one  I like the best. I just changed the centre and moved the lights to balance it a little more...what say you???
Thought I'd show you the border on my Sudoku quilt. It is the pattern I saw on Pinterest on a quilt and was captivated by it.  Didn't take much to draft it to fit the two outside borders. This is another quilt that I am really enjoying.  I think it is because it is not a repeat pattern and has a little diversity.  The next quilt in the queue it my scrappy nine...a repeat pattern...wonder what I can do to make it more appealing to quilt...any suggestions?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sudoku is in the Frame!

 As soon as I finished DD # 2's quilt..the Illusion quilt, I put the Sudoku quilt in the frame.  I pondered long and hard on how to quilt this one.  I was tempted to send it off to a longarm quilter and get an all over pattern on it. Then I just kept looking at it until something came to me.  Since there are no curves anywhere on this quilt it stood to reason that curves would be the answer.....where to find the right ones.  The outside curve pattern on the dark green...fairly visible in the bottom picture , I saw on pinterest for some machine's adaptable for the hand quilter, although I did have to draft it for the size of the outside light and middle dark borders.
For the inside border which was the extent of the quilt size on the pattern instructions I did a variation of the twisted of my favourites since it is easy to fudge to fit the lengths of the borders...important when drawing the pattern on, plus it could be adapted to the inside sashing easily enough. I didn't make up my mind how to quilt each square until I came to it and then it just told me....yeah, quilts do talk to me now and I am not going least, I don't think so...course, I would be last to know wouldn't I?
Anyway, I really like the different quilting on each square...I have the first row done, I've rolled the quilt since these pics were taken and now I am on the second row...only 72 more little squares to quilt and of course the borders and sashing...geez...a quilter's work is never done.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

A round to it done!

Remember this?  my cord carrier with bag attached to carry those attachments for your electronic devices...I found the pattern on Pinterest ...instructions were well written and it was easy to make.
 Well, DD # 2 decided she might like to have one of those as here is hers with the adjustments she requested.    The fabric on the inside is from DD # 1 is a fabric that she had created ...not sure what the drawing represents but there you go....ours is not to reason why.

Anyway, I used a heavier fusible web...a little more sturdy than mine but that is a good thing...I don't travel as much as the DD's.  I made the bag larger since I found that mine could have been made bigger to accommodate the plug-ins I took with me.
The other adjustment was a ribbon instead of a clasp...this way it lay flatter in the suitcase.  I made the ribbon extra long so DD can cut it as short as she wishes.  Interestingly enough, the red is actually more like a wine whereas in the picture it has a pink tone.  Now I shall send it off in the mail so she can use it when she comes to visit...she must remember to make room for a quilt to go back with her and I believe, she decided she would like to have one of the woven mats I made...good thing I bought another jelly roll to make another.....

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Love new things....

This is the first of my new things..... a couple of days ago a FB friend posted a link to a website that featured the tutorial to make this thingy.....not sure what to call it... but it works great.  The url  to get the tutorial is:    if you are interested in making one.
Here it is showing the pedal resting up against the stopper.  by the way, it works really well. now I have to make another one for my 'go to class" machine.  They work up very quickly...took about 10 minutes from start to finish and I did the stopper by hand....
This is the second one....DD # 2 is moving apartments in Edmonton and did a purging so she wouldn't have to move everything.  She found some odds and ends she thought DH and I might like...wonderful lotions and pins she had collected(DH is the pin collector...we won't discuss how many he has) plus  some neat this little is called a needle
holder which surprised me since she is not what you would call a sewing person.
Here it is separated...magnetic of course and you attach it wherever you wish and it holds needles like the one I attached to show you what I mean. I have been using it now ever since I got be totally honest, I don't know how I ever did without convenient. especially for this here hand sewer.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

I do love a challenge

 A long time ago I saw this done in a wallhanging and was intrigued by it.  Naturally , I did not trust my sewing skills by machine to tackle this level of sewing.  Now that I have determined I actually DO like to hand sew I thought it was time to try this.  I Thought about it for a few days...thinking I would have to either search for a template already drawn up...I'm a packrat when it comes to templates....or I would have to draft another one.  While searching around my "studio"  I found a ruler that has all kinds of cutting patterns including a 2 inch diamond which is exactly what this needed.  So away I went...gathered up as many fabrics as I could find to make it really scrappy......found a basket full of 2.5 inch strips and spent most of the afternoon cutting out diamonds...whoopee!!

Not sure how big this quilt top will be since I plan on just plugging away at it..should be interesting. I'll post it as it gets pieced between that project, .   I have a quilt in the frame, one waiting and two in the process not including this one . I think I am a glutton for punishment.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Some News to Tell

 This is my Sudoku least the centre my 81 squares done and put together...had a good look and realized I had put one of the small 6 inch squares in wrong....unsewed it and put it back in......I would have driven myself crazy if I hadn't...not a little OCD...maybe a lot....oh well!

Here's my news....that's me, Carolyn Wishart(President of the Marco Polo Quilt Guild) and Peter LaRocque, a Curator of the NB Museum and the quilt is my Baltimore was chosen as the NB Contemporary Quilt Award for 2015...ask me if I am bet...not just that it was picked but that it will now be displayed in a museum for anyone that is interested to see. I am over the moon!!!