Great Grandma's Machine

Great Grandma's Machine

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Bring it on!

 Well I am all caught up and now I am ready for the rest.  Even went to the Fabric Cupboard and bought 5 more reds.  There are so many to choose from and so many shades...hard to believe how many there are.

I've got my 30 done and now I have to sit and wait for Tuesdays to get 3 more each time.  Darn I am impatient!

Since it is hurry up and wait...which I cannot stand....too used to always doing something....I decided I should take a look at one of the many projects I have sitting in containers just waiting to be done.  The one that is really itchin' the spot is the Canada Mystery quilt that DD # 1 bought me for Christmas and several birthdays.....  I have the New Brunswick pattern all drawn and ready to be appliqued. 
The pattern has been designed for steam a seam and raw edge(or blanket stitch) but I really like to back baste applique so I am adapting as I go along.
I will post a picture of the first square I get finished.  I am not sure if I have all the patterns or if there are more to come so I shall just work away at what I have . If there are more it is another case of hurry up and wait....I don't know if I can stand this waiting stuff.

If I get really anxious there is always the row by row for 2016 that I have in another container....since 2017 is already gearing up...quilt shops are designing patterns as we speak....I really should get my 2016 done. I have it it is just a matter of putting it all together.In the meantime I can always sit and knit on the "toe up" socks I started. 

Hate to be bored!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Why Wait?

When DD # 1 told me about this project, I got a little excited,,,,,doesn't take much....I thought , what a great idea...150 Canadian women and their stories plus a quilt pattern to go with it.  So I signed up . At first , I thought I would wait until I got all the patterns and then make them at my leisure.  When  I joined the facebook page and saw what all the other women who had joined were doing  I got a little antsy...bitten by  the bug.   I am not caught up yet...there are 27 as of now  and I only have 12 done.  They work up rather quickly so I expect that it won't take me long to catch up. I am really enjoying the process...the stories are definitely inspiring . I have been using fabric from my stash plus some of the project fabric that I bought at the Fabric Cupboard in Moncton and some I bought here in Sussex at the Crafter's Vineyard.  It's not near enough so it looks like I shall have to force myself to buy more red fabric...oh , the pain!!!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Staring off the new Year Right!

I have a little Scot in me ...the one that hates to throw things away...DD's both say I am a packrat...who am I to argue.  I threw old Tshirts in the ottoman and hung on to them for a few years...This year I got DD # 1 to cut them up into two inch strips.  She joined them like the tutorial for locker hooking explained and we braided them all up.  Here you see about 12 T shirts all ready to be sewn together.

I tried to use my Brother machine but it kept getting the thread tangled and it became a mess so I set up my old Pfaff..the one I hate to get rid of because it is so reliable and not the least bit delicate.
Well, it came through like the trooper it is and zig zagged the strips together just great.  Here is my first attempt using only half of the braid we put together. It is the size DD # 2 said she wanted for her bathroom.  I have enough braided to make another one, so I shall.  Then when I checked the ottoman it was still quite full so I may end up making an even larger one.  It is quite addictive, especially once I learned how to keep the braid from twisting....hint  three socks hold the balls of  Tshirt strips quite well. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Following Through

See I followed through and pinned my three miniatures in the main I just need to make a couple more...small, skinny ones , one for over the door and one for over the light switches....we shall see....

I saw this little "Who" tree at the was the last one and just begged to come home with me.  It is  a  live miniature cypress tree...I would like to transplant it in the spring...not sure if it will survive in our harsher winters...we shall see.....

Little Faith is mad at me.  She was soooo scruffy and needed to be groomed.  I brushed a another dog full of fur out of her today...poor little stinker, it took a while but now she is so pretty and slim. Doesn't look like a little pudge after all. Maybe she will forgive me if I feed her some sweet potato treats...we shall see.....

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Me three Minis

 Mini number three is done...and as I said I would I made  a Log Cabin (10" by 12") can't see by this picture but I quilted feathers in the light part...feathers that I drew,too.  It was a challenge since the thread kept breaking and at one point I had to pick out way too many stitches that pulled in the back.  Figured it out, though....changed my tension and that seemed to work.  I used variegated thread for the dark...perhaps I should have used the same thread for the least then you could see them.  As it is , you can only see my wonderful (still need practise but I did them) feathers.

Here are the three three minis there....they are in the same colour scheme...I sure did enjoy making them....a challenge to be sure and maybe I should keep on challenging myself since I still believe my machine quilting and sewing needs improvement. One should keep learning no matter what your age or least that is what I am telling's certainly a good excuse to keep quilting....just sayin'.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

ANother Mini

 I make myself so mad at times.  It never fails....I get over confident...careless and then I make mistakes and I could just spit nickles.  Grrrr!

This is another one of those patterns that I have always liked but just never wanted to make a full sized quilt of it.  I took out one of the many, many books that I have on quilt patterns..this one for miniatures and dug into my batiks and set about making this Snail's Trail ( It is 10 inches square).  Half way through I got cocky and never double checked my work...something I always tell any class I am know...measure twice, cut works you know.   Anyway, when I put this one together , of course, my points did not line up....damn, double damn.  DH says make another one and do it I probably will...once I get over being mad at myself.

Here are the two minis together...the colours work...they can go close least until I do the repeat Snail's thinking about number three mini...think it may be a version of Log cabin...I have made several log cabins...bed size and gave them all away....couldn't tell you where they went, mind you so I guess I better make myself a mini if only to have a Log Cabin in my collection...don't ask how many quilts I own, I am embarrassed to tell you.