Thursday, May 4, 2017

Catching up on things...

 This is the hand work that I took to the Villa Madonna last week.  It's a good thing I did since I miscalculated the amount of fabric I needed for my alphabet quilt and ended up with time and no machine project to finish.  These squares are six inches finished and a bit of a challenge for me ...trying to perfect my curves and some points needed work too.(can't really tell here, but I took out the yellow tulips and changed the shade of yellow to a lighter one...this shade was too glaringly bold )
 I decided to put sashing between the squares so I used the left over fabric from the row by row.  It's one of those colours that just calls your name...the one  you bring  on home and then wonder what in heck you're going to do with it.
Then nothing would do but I had to put swags on a border.  Thank heavens for was a cinch to have the templates sized properly for the border....finished this will be 24 inches by 24 inches...a nice wall hanging...but where to put it, I just don't know.
 I'm behind on the 150 Canadian women squares.  Got six to do before Tuesday next week...since I am off to two quilt shows tomorrow , looks like the weekend will be a sewing time.
 Timeless Treasures put out a pattern for a tote bag using their official row by row fabric and since I had bought some a couple of years ago it only seemed appropriate that I get off my duff and make one.  Pattern is simple and easy to do...just time consuming.   I like the finished product but if I had my time back I would have used a black lining for the outside pocket so the edging would be dark and maybe stand out more.
I used up some of the stash that I am not sure what I want to do with for lining.  I seem to have a lot of that type of material.

As a side note, a couple of days ago Tigger ran into the cutting table that DH had raised for me and knocked the whole thing over...made an almighty bang....material went every where and now I have no excuse , I HAVE to tidy  up my fabric. Woe is me!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

What a great Week!

What a great time I had at the Villa...good food, great conversations with good friends and lots of activity.  Here's the first project I have to show. It is my Row by Row from 2016...Home Sweet Home.  I have rows from Alberta, Ontario , Nova Scotia and, of course, New Brunswick.  I really enjoyed putting this one together as I had lots of input in what to put where.  I had two rows that just did not look right so I am putting them on the backing along with a label I will make to suit the project.   I love this row by row experience...not only do you get to day trip you get some fun projects to put together in a wall hanging, a lap quilt or a bed size quilt... what's not to love?
This is project number is, as you no doubt guessed, not finished.. it is called House on Bleeker street and the pattern calls for the Bleeker fabric line but I am not a pastel person , so jewel tones it is.  It was another challenge....a gadzillion half square triangles later it is now ready for a small dark border, maybe 1 inch and then a larger border for some interesting quilting...muslin , of is another quilt that I will enjoy hand quilting because I have choices in the patterns I will use to quilt...same as the row by row...can't wait.
I picked up this beauty on our shopping day must always have a shopping trip when visiting the Villa...not sure why, just do.  Anyway GPS is a wonderful thing. It helped me find my roundabout way to Mario's framing...a wonderful place to have anything framed. They do excellent work ...DD # 2 did the 18 count cross stitch for her momma and I promised her I would have it  framed so Voila! She does amazing work ...only thing is she did not sign it so I am putting her name on the back for future reference.

I have two other projects I worked on in between fabulous meals at the alphabet quilt. I miscalculated the number of scrappy strips I needed to make the sashing and cornerstones so I will do the finish up later.  AND I am working on a miniature easy Baltimore ....six inch squares to get warmed up for an even smaller one ..four inch squares that I am thinking of doing. One always needs a challenge...right?

Monday, April 17, 2017

To the Villa I Go!

Some would say that I am head strong (that would be DH) and some would say that I am single minded (that would be me) and then a lovely lady at lunch the other day suggested that perhaps I was focused.....I have decided that I like that better. Sooooo....this is what I am currently focused on.  I found a freebie on the internet  from one of the fabric companies and since I liked the whole concept (except for the pastels...I just cannot seem to do pastels) I decided it would make a great project for the retreat that I am going to next week.
 Since the pattern included piecing and some applique and one hundred zillion half square triangles (perhaps I exaggerate ...but there are lots and lots) I thought I should get it all ready for the Villa.  Well, I cut everything out and thought I should do the hand work now since I mostly sew at the Villa.  As I worked along , I realized that I wouldn't have the time to do all the HST's so perhaps I should prepare the squares and then just put it all together.  Since I have two other projects that need to be put together, adding one more wouldn't hurt.
Ergo, these are four of the squares ready to rock and roll.  I have one more applique rectangle like the one below (with the snazzy bird) to do and, of course, the requisite wreath....I have that on the go now. I will do the second bird patch facing in the opposite direction when the wreath  is finished. Then I will start on the HST's , if only  to get a head start on them before the Villa next week.
We will be there for four days and three nights....ordinarily a great stretch of time to sew but we do take an afternoon to visit a quilt shop and then there are the umpteen times we have to stop to eat all the home made goodies that the ladies make for us, plus we manage to get in a few games of strip poker...yes , you heard right, STRIP Poker!!!!...we are a wild and crazy bunch...I hear there might be wine involved again this year.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Practical as ever!

Next week I am demonstrating back basting applique to the evening ladies in our quilt guild.  I chose this pattern because it has curves, cut ins and or course straight lines....I made two for examples and then I realized I had to show the practicality of any square...just my nature...can't waste things.  Anyway, I made this into a little you can see by the picture below.
 I always seem to do things in a hurry.  After I finished the applique I practiced my free motion quilting on the Pfaff(lots of curse words at this attempt...kept the pedal to the metal and broke the thread a few times.) Once I relaxed and got into a nice rhythm things went along smoothly. However I do wish I had made zipper tabs and finished the interior more neatly.   Oh well, it IS just a practice piece.
Poor little Tigger...I think she misses her sister Faith.  Certainly not when it comes to cookie time or for supper time, but when it came time to go outside at the back door she always waited for Faith to come (slowpokingly) down the stairs.  She still looks for her until I call her to come on and then it's all over.  I guess seven years of waiting got to be a habit and God knows Shelties need their habits. Other than that Tigger gets to go in the car more and ALL the sweet potato treats are hers.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Saint Paddy's Day 2017

What a gorgeous sunset this was...the day before the big storm we got on  Tuesday night and throughout Wednesday.  The picture does not do it justice...the colours were breath taking.
 I've been plugging away , trying to get my row by row for 2016 ready to be put together in a project for the Villa Madonna in April.  This is the eighth row I've prepared.  Some of them are so simple and others are a pain in the patoot.  I wish I could talk to every designer out there and remind them that there are quilters that actually hate to use steam a seam or heat and bond....and I am one of them.  I made a promise to myself last year that I would never do another quilt using those products....anyway, this one is all back basted is from a store in Alberta...not surprising with the mountains and I believe that is supposed to be an elk at the bottom , not a deer.
I've also got three more of the 150 Canadian Women quilt along.  I am trying to fill in some of the larger squares with scenes of all parts of the country. I am really enjoying the process...not sure how happy I will be with the finished project.  It will probably be the ONLY red and white quilt I will ever do for myself.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Show and Tell

I usually have a lot of show and tell when I go to Quilt Guild but lately I've had nothin'.  Frustrating, cuz it looks like I am doing nothing at all. When the truth of the matter is, I have been appliqueing my fingers sore.  Here's the first part of the Fat Cat Alphabet.....
and here is how far I am now.  As you can see I am now at the V....not sure what kind of animal it is...I am guessing vicuna....since that is the only animal I can think of that starts with V.....sure doesn't look like one though. The U is a unicorn..and we have all seen one of those, right??
Out of sequence here, but this is one of the 150 Canadian women squares that I have been following.  Takes about an hour to do all three and they are kind of neat.  In this one I fussy cut a covered bridge since there are 16 of them in New Brunswick.

Tigger has never done this before. Usually she is up an staring out the window getting ready to bark her foolish head off.  Guess she is a tired puppy....all that protecting she's been doing, not to mention the herding she does.
Here's the last few squares of he 150 Canadian women....we are 1/3 of the way into the squares.  I am keeping mine in shades of red , mainly because I do like the original pattern which is all red but I must admit I have seen some on facebook both multi-coloured and totally in other colours other than red and they all look great. Going to be interesting to see some finished quilts.