Great Grandma's Machine

Great Grandma's Machine

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

storm stayed!

 We've got a big old "nor-Beaster" bearing down on us with 110 km winds and snow. It's a blizzard out there.  What's a girl to do , but keep herself busy...right?  Here are our fur kids.  Faith and Tigger in the top picture..our DD # 1 took these pictures and had them put on canvas for us for Christmas.  The picture below is of Walker, her little fur kid and he is the snuggliest dog I have ever seen. Actually asks to be picked up and cuddled...I love it!!!  Now if I could just teach the 'girls' to do the same.
 I don't know what it is about knitting in the wintertime.  I always get the bug.  I saw this pattern on Ravelry and had to give it a try. If you're a knitter then you know how important it is when knitting in the round to have the right size circular needles.  I did not with this hat and it was a pain.  However, I do love Intarsia and this was a bit of a challenge. Sometimes it is a good thing to  push yourself a little.  Worst thing of all, though, is this hat is too small for me and I have to sell it...oh damn!!!  or give it away....hmmmmm!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Whoo Hoo!

Whoo Knows  is Done!!!..I put this quilt in before Christmas to have something to work on while I waited for the holidays.  Our children are adults so the fun of presents and traditions is kind of passe these days.  Anyway, each square is quilted differently and I think that is what contributed to the fact that I absolutely loved quilting this one. ....even when I got to the final border which is usually boring with a capital B, I had fun...almost hated to finish it.  I bound it over the weekend and Tigger expressed her usual...she's easy to please that one.    If you're wondering, the pattern is from Fat Cat Patterns by Sindy Rodenmayer  a very talented lady....

Saturday, January 10, 2015

love that Jenny Doan

I get an email on a regular basis with videos from the Missouri Star Quilt Company and I have to say that I just adore Jenny Doan...she is so amiable, does lots of interesting things and explains so well.  Today she was making these little zippered pouches and even though I've made  a few in my time, I just had to try her technique of installing a out very neatly and is simple, simple, simple !!  I think I am going to make some more...they make nice little gifts...
 I finished putting together my crayon quilt and thought you might like to see it before I start quilting it. This one I plan on machine quilting...I know, I know, I've been such a purist when it comes to hand quilting   but, I 've just had a fun time practicing machine quilting. I hope I will improve drastically with more practice...either that or I'll fake it as much as
 Here's that silly Faith...she just loves the snow...can barely see her she's so covered in it.  She has such a thick coat the cold doesn't bother her at all...matter of fact she's friskier when it's cold.
Here the two of them are, helping DH scrape off the deck.  It's a second story deck and even though it is very sturdily built we don't like to see the snow pile up too high.   The girls make sure he does a good job.

Monday, January 5, 2015's cold outside!

 This was the view a couple of days ago from a side window in our house....poor trees just weighed down with ice and snow.
 Here's another view...out the back...our birch trees are in bad of our oak trees bent in half from the weight  and the fierce winds...DH and DD went out and bolstered it with two 2 X 3's for support.  It's straight again now.  Since this storm we've had  a thaw, a snow storm, an ice storm, some thawing and now tonight it's bitter cold.. minus 20 degrees celsius.  Global warming and all these weird storms!!
In the in between times I got DD # 1 to organize the squares for DD#2's Illusion quilt.  It is all sewn together and ready for the quilt frame...gotta finish the owls first...another couple of weeks and that will be done.  An hour or so a day is all I seem to be quilting these days.  Got 4 more Owl eyes to quilt and then the last border.  Still enjoying the quilting of this one.
 Tigger got bored watching me from DH's lazyboy so she switched over to a swivel rocker and watched me from that angle. No matter what I am doing,  even if she falls asleep she is instantly awake the second I make a move .  The only exception is when she decides she wants to go to bed, then nothing gets her up and moving.
This has turned out to be a fun project.  I organized 10 ladies (including myself) for a fabric swap... Each person got a colour and made packets for each crayon for the other 9 ladies and we all swapped.  Worked out very well, This is mine...the brown is laying down on the table in front of my "design" wall.
This is where I got the pattern....the idea of a fabric swap came from the class I took a while back (the Oh Canada lap quilt). I love fabric swaps...took part in one several years ago...a 5 inch square was 100 five inch squares for  each of the 15 people participating.  I said I didn't have 100 different fabrics...boy , was I wrong!! I won't tell you how many I actually had....let's just say that the swap was a success.  I keep telling DH " I must have $100.00 worth of fabric in my stash."  Tee hee!!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Time got away from me!

I noticed this practice around here a couple of years ago and thought it was kind of funny.  People put these big Christmas balls on their denuded trees....I guess you could call them "Charlie Brown" trees.  So , I figured.....when in Rome.....

Since this picture was taken we have had a wind and rain storm...two of the ornaments fell off ...they are now secured much more tightly  AND I decided what was there was not enough so I added three more...much bigger than these..   If I get ambitious I may put some lights on this poor tree , as well.

I would like to point out that this tree is 5 years old.  I propagated it from a flowering crab tree in St. George.   Actually, I had six of them.  Two survived on our property....the other one is much bigger than this one but way out back.  This one grew extremely well and provided us with crab apples ...enough to make 12 jars of crabapple jelly...our first attempt at jelly making. ONe of the six went to our neighbour but theirs is really small...I say it just doesn't like where they planted it. The rest just did not like the transplant...oh least three of them are doing well.  I used to like doing propagation when I had a big garden but now I just don't want to weed them no more propagation!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dear Daughter's Quilt

I've just begun to piece DD's Illusion quilt.  She decided she liked the look this modern type quilt and since she has never asked for any particular pattern I thought I'd just go ahead and make it for her.  Some of the fabrics are from her sister's stash of hand dyed fabrics...the ones her sister dyed .  When I get it in the frame and hopefully, that will be soon...I will nag my eldest DD to put a few stitches in it and then it will be a family affair...wonder if I can get DH to stitch a few....nah!