Friday, May 11, 2018

Doin' Some applique

I'm a big fan of Fat Cat Patterns and Sindy Rodenmayer....she is amazingly talented.  Her current FREE Block of the month is "Gnome for Christmas" and this is block four.
 Here's what I have ready so far.  I've picked out the fabrics I am going to use for borders and background...the 'innards' of the squares will , of course, be scrappy.  Nothing excites me more than a scrappy quilt.
Walking by the quilt frame I snapped this picture in  a hurry and here's what happened. You're not drunk, the picture is blurry. I'm in the process of quilting Reminiscence ....about time, sez me!
 This is Sindy's Alphabet...the one I started last year at a quilting retreat...finally finished quilting it. I bound it ...scrappily , of course....last week....
and used the X for my label. It is going to Newfoundland , this summer to my great-niece, Julia.  I promised it to her last year and finally got it done.   Hope she likes it.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Another fun little project

The Sussex Vale Quilters' Guild is holding their bi-annual quilt show this September and the co-ordinator put out the call to the members for small projects to be included in our door prizes.  If you come to our show you will receive a ticket declaring Winner or Non Winner and if you are lucky you will get a small door prize.  It may include one of these. If you're wondering they are needle holders.
I got the pattern from a blogger who posted on biggest time waster and a great source of just about anything you are interested in.  I have found many great patterns and wonderful ideas there.  Anyway, I made my prototype yesterday and figured out the easiest way to make these and voila.....5 of them for the door prizes.  I have another idea that I plan on working on tomorrow...DH is gone to the camp so my time is completely my own, except for when Tigger wants to go out. Oh well, can't have everthing!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

A fun little project

I got this pattern from a fellow is a "project pouch"  with a vinyl front so you can see what you're working on.  I had been given one ages ago ...a smaller version but it had a flowered fabric  facing the vinyl and I noticed it was difficult to see needles and pins so I didn't use it . Now these , I decided to use muslin as the facing and it should eliminate the problem. 

The first one I did, I consider my prototype...practised mitering the corners and squaring up the vinyl and , of course, putting the zipper in easily.  The prototype is the dark(green) zipper and the finished product has the light zipper.  DD # 1 will decide which one she wants.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Not Consistent

 When I signed into my blog I noticed that I hadn't posted since sometime in March......I guess you could say I am not very consistent.  I think about blogging...even write them in my head and then I just forget about it...I'm easily distracted.  Ah is what it is. 

I went to the Villa Madonna on retreat last week and it was great....up to a point. 
I loved the sewing time, the company and  without doubt...the food!  I had this all ready to be put least that is what I thought.  When it came time to put the squares all together order , mind you....I discovered that I had not done one...ONE damn square!  When I looked at it all more closely I remembered that was extremely similar...almost identical to the previous square , so much so that I thought I had already done it and threw it aside(too bad I didn't put it in the carry box for this project). Well the ladies saved my had some extra reds and one had some extra white to match some of my whites. I had already taken some extra cornerstones and sashing ...just in case I screwed up. 150 Canadian Women is done and ready for the longarm quilting. I am not hand quilting this one....too many seams for my liking. If you haven't done this problem it can be involved...but I would strongly recommend you read about these makes you proud to be, not only a woman, but a Canadian woman at that.

This is the second project I 2017 Row by Row experience.  I went light in the sashings this year.  Not sure how I feel about that.  The row on the upper right sticks out like a sore thumb but the extra row that I had was one that went cross ways and couldn't substitute for it. I should have used softer colours in that row. If I had looked at the whole project instead of the individual rows I might have caught that but as it is, it was fun to do.

I've had this next  project since 2004. It was a Christmas gift from a good friend who has since passed away. She knew how much I loved wolves. I kept looking at it and feeling a little intimidated by it kept putting it away. I brought it with me to the Villa thinking I would solicit some help if it got away from me.  Well, I finished the two projects above and was really at loose ends with a day and a half to fill. I won't say it was easy but it certainly wasn't the difficult project I thought it would be. Mind you I didn't read the instructions carefully enough and sewed all the borders on before I realized they were to be sewn on AFTER the wonder under pieces.  After "unsewing" and resewing with the picture all
finished, I "got'er done!"

Thursday, March 8, 2018

A Snow Day!

It started out this morning with blowing snow...whiteouts at times and then , being close to the Fundy Coast, the snow turned to rain. It's a mess out there. Being in the ranks of the retired means I don't have to go outside unless I want is good.  I figure this means I can have a sewing day....not that I don't every day anyway...this way it is guilt free. Thought I would show some of what I have been working on.  If you follow my blog then you know how enamoured I am of Fat Cat Patterns and Sindy's talent.  This is the current block of the month she is offering this year. It is called "Gnome for Christmas" and I am delighted with it.
 That was the first block above and this is the second block. Her patterns are surprisingly easy to do and so effective. My biggest complaint is that I am so eager to do the whole quilt I may not wait for them to come monthly and purchase the complete pattern from her.  Her prices are reasonable (excluding the U.S. to Cdn. ). I won't be able to finish this for Christmas if I wait since the last block comes in November. Darn it, we are such an immediate gratification society.
I could always get back to hand quilting and finish this quilt for my great-niece.  I'm planning on going to Newfoundland this summer and I'd like to take it to her.  BUT, 2017 row by row is in production, 150 Canadian women is in production, Canada Mystery quilt is in Production and I have a bag pattern all ready...yes, I know I don't really need another bag, but it is so nice....and things do wear out , you know. Well, this has been my five minute break, my cup of tea and cinnamon buns are all gone, time to get back to work......

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Winter project.

 I'm one of those idiots  brilliant people that runs around in June looking for the row by row patterns and kits.  This one came from Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium in Amherst , Nova Scotia. Karen Neary is the designer and this particular pattern got some publicity since it made the news when the town of Amherst made silk screenings and used it for town banners......sure looked great, too.

 I was a little intimidated to put it together but decided since it was the one I was worried about I should tackle it first.  I must say it went together fairly easily.  I say fairly because I am not a big fan of paper piecing and , of course, this was paper pieced.

The one thing I did  that annoys me is the I forgot to reverse the colour scheme for the 150 logo and now have two oranges close together.....I am probably the only one that will notice but you know how it goes, my eye will be drawn to that spot every time I look at it.  I have a counted cross stitch of the RCMP crest I did  for DH and I did not cross one stitch and I see it absolutely every time I look at it.  A little OCD, you say....