Great Grandma's Machine

Great Grandma's Machine

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

I am a winner....I have proof!

Here's a wall hanging "Sewing Machine Swap" won first ribbon for Small quilts category at our bi-annual quilt show.  We don't have judges, which in itself is a good thing...too much stress...our judges are the general public who vote for their favourites. I got this fab ribbon (interestingly enough that is my covered bridge and the bragging rights that go with teasing those who didn't participate in the swap that perhaps they should have...look out now ladies.
"Whoo Knows", my owl quilt won third place in the bed size category ....a little bird told me that it lost by one vote for second....I knew it would be popular but the quilt that I would have voted for if members were voting is the one that placed is phenomenal...all hand pieced ...teeny tiny pieces and extremely well hand quilted..puts us all to shame it was richly deserved.

Here's the first place winner...see what I mean..Phenomenal!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

No excuse!

 When I was in school I could never use the excuse that 'My dog ate my homework." It just never happened and we had dogs...not like Tigger though.  I was working on the labels for the quilts in our upcoming quilt show...hubby hollered "Let's go for coffee!" and like an idiot I jumped up and away we went.  Here is what we came home to....thank heavens the registrations were up near the computer because she would have eaten them too.  As it is she ate the lists I had made of the quilts by size and the lists of the various types...something I could redo.

 The interesting thing is these posters are gloss finished and heavier than plain paper...this is another that I got from the advertising chair...good thing, too since I had to take a picture of it for the brochure...the one above just would not do.  Oh well, it could have been worse...she could have eaten the cash that was in the folder .  That is my Tigger..she is just a little different.
Here is my sewing machine wall hanging all finished.  I took out the turquoise square in the upper right corner...just didn't cut it for it is mostly earth tones with splashes of colour.  works better , don't you think?

I have the perfect spot for it in my sewing room...after the quilt show....

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Another PHD nearly finished

 Some months ago I put a proposal forward at my local quilt guild...Sindy Rodenmeyer of Fat Cat Patterns had a Sew A-long and I wanted to participate. I got two members to agree and I coerced my DD # 1 to join in.

Here's the result. That's my sewing machine on the top with the "Cut" on the left and the Pin and Sew on the right.  I made my squares smaller... so I had to improvise and make it fit.  The second one is my DD's...I added the "Puss in the corner" squares. The third one (MW's) has the "Quilt" applique that I added and the fourth is the original from SS.  It was this one that
gave me the idea to add the extras to bring it all together.

 And then to top it all off I made another
sewing machine ...on the off chance that more would participate and since they didn't I am going to use it as the label.
 It was a fun project...a little challenge and sometimes we need that to get the juices flowing.  In hindsight  I should have kept this square with a light background and dark letters...just wanted a change...not sure that it was a good idea.

Ah well, it will be hanging in my sewing area so I can lament about that for years to come.
This is the close up of SS's square. Love that she did the quilt hanging with buttons, her pin cushion is dimensional as the tea cup is so appropriate since we have shared a cup or two at guild.

Next step, deciding if I want to make it wider and longer , then to quilt it and bind it...machine or hand....oh my, decisions, decisions!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Just call me Bag Lady

I don't know what it is about quilted bags, but everytime I see one I want to make it.  I saw this one on Pinterest. It's by Noodlehead.  I've already made a couple of her patterns, they were easy to follow and gave you the opportunity to be a little creative.  DD # 2 had mentioned that she needed a bag for her knitting ...made that one already but then I thought she could use one for a larger project....soooo, I made this one.
It has pockets on both exteriors and pockets inside.  It closes up completely but can also be opened up fully...perfect for those larger projects like sweaters and hats, name it.

I kind of coerced her into accepting it since I needed to make one for a prototype and then make another for me....see there is a method to my madness. I had never made a slip zipper before and it was actually kind of neat and tidy when finished, too.
Here's the inside...lots of pockets and lots of room.  I think I will make mine smaller since I already have a few larger projects bags...maybe too many of

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

labelling my quilts

If it wasn't for quilts show regulations I would not have any labels on my quilts...which is a shame really because I have made so many I forget when I made them, who I gave them to and what the patterns were. Bit of a hypocrite here...I always tell the beginners "make sure you label your quilt". Need a boot in the you know where...

  I still have my Baltimore Christmas to label and I am not sure just how I am going to do that.  These are the three that I did yesterday and today. The row by row quilt that I did last year got the only license plate that I was able to get.  By the time I learned about the row by row, the quilt shops had run out of plates... I decided this year I was going to try a little harder to get some plates and include them in my 2016 row by row. five!!

The owl label seemed appropriate for the Whoo Knows quilt.  I may just do some embroidery for my Baltimore Christmas even though I have the label started by printing it from the computer. Since the quilt these are laying on is a reversible lap quilt I will probably just write my name somewhere....I know, it's the lazy way to do it but this is reversible and I really don't want a label showing on it.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Another one quilted!

I put this quilt in the frame just after I finished my Baltimore Christmas...bound and determined to have it quilted for the quilt show next month.  Tonight I finished binding it.  It was interesting to quilt especially since each square or rectangle as it happens was unique and required different quilting patterns.  I learned a valuable lesson with this quilt.... perhaps I should say two lessons.

One...don't be in such a hurry to put something together...there were a couple of places that I had to hand sew some seams that didn't quite connect. I did not check my seams as I put them together...too anxious to finish it before the retreat was over.  lesson learned!

Two...never, never use steam a seam for a project that I want to hand quilt....amend that...never, never use steam a seam on anything that I want to quilt PERIOD.  It gums up the needle, shreds the thread and is irritating as hell to quilt through. I will definitely go back to the old fashioned hand method of applique.  Call me set in my ways...I can take it!

Now to sew on a label...actually on four quilts...damn it just never ends!