Great Grandma's Machine

Great Grandma's Machine

the Stitches I sew soothe My Soul

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Another Scrappy Project

 This is one of those things I promised myself I would make years ago.....a cover for my Pfaff sewing machine.  Since we have lived here for 6 years  I think it is about time  AND considering the fact this machine will only get used every now and then.....I like my new toy  much seems appropriate that it get covered and protected from dust....not that there is any in MY house...tee hee....
I just had to try out the wonderful letter making ability my new machine has....not hard to see that I need lots and lots of practice . Sure do like the script that the machine would be even better if it had the lower case font as well...oh well, I guess you can't have everything.
Here's the back of the cover and the side that has a pocket for scissors or whatever. I dug into my 2.5 inch scrappy basket and used whatever came to hand to make this.  after all, it is just a dust cover ...not going to be seen by all and sundry.

now I have to make a cover for my mixmaster...DH reminded me....

Friday, September 25, 2015

I had a fun day!

 This is the Necessary Clutch Purse and I love it.!

I made one a while back and I wasn't totally pleased with it....I used a different pellon than the pattern called for....mistake...not a big one but the wallet just didn't have the stiffness I wanted plus I did not add the wristlet I got the pellon that it called for and a swivel hook and D ring and here is my second attempt.  I made another "oops" but it isn't a really big deal....I turned the zipper part down and it was supposed to be up with the zipper to be pulled from left to right instead of right to biggie but it will probably bug me some.

The interesting thing about this wallet is that it has room for an iphone /cellphone...whatever and since I don't use one there was empty space but I woke up and realized it is the perfect place for my car fob...doh!!!  Anyway, I had a great day sewing....some great conversation with a friend, a great dessert with lunch (bad girl....I know) and now have a new wallet to show for it.  Damn! Life is Good!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

One UFO done!

I really like making this lap quilt......I must, it's the third one I've made. The very first one was made in 1999 and it sold at a quilt show in St. Andrews...I put a high price on it for a lap quilt ,expecting it NOT to be sold.  Ha! Ha! Fooled me...

The second one I made for myself and it used to sit on the sofa. Our first Sheltie claimed it for himself and would give anyone that sat on it, or near it, the old " stink eye". When we were in the position to have him put down, I  wrapped him in the lap quilt and took him to the vet.......left the quilt with her to use for other dogs or cats that needed extra warmth.

This is my latest one and here is its new home, it is just going to stay here in case anyone feels a chill. If you are wondering about the construction of this lap quilt. I got the pattern from the July/August issue of Quiltmaker 1998.  It was a pattern I challenged the quilt guild that I belonged to at that time to make over the summer break.  I was the only one that made it.  Anyway, it is a reversible, quilt as you go pattern. The first one I made was completely hand done , the second  machine pieced and hand quilted and this one is machine pieced and hand quilted. However it is put together, it is a nice lap quilt...not heavy on the legs  and warm when you need it.  Not like my Shelties.....who won't cuddle on demand.....

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Placemat frenzy!!

I swear I have placemats on the brain....This is one of a set of four...obviously four is the norm....the other concoction is in the next picture.....anyway, This pattern is from the Three Dudes technique...if you google THree Dudes you should be able to find it , if not, go to Jenny Doan's "Missouri Quilt Company" videos and she will show you how to do this.  I bought the fabric at the local fabric shop and decided at the beginning of summer that this combination would make great placemats for the summer.  Well, it is only a few weeks to autumn so , technically, it is still summer and I finally got these made.  The other two I took to the fabric shop to display them with the fabric in case anyone is wondering what to do with this for me.
 Interestingly enough....the grey looks quite blue in the pictures and it is definitely a pale grey. surprise, surprise DH likes them and he is usually a conservative colour kind of guy...
Had a little bit of fabric left over so I thought I would make a couple of small wallets.  Haven't put the snaps on yet...they are perfect for gift cards or coupons or sales receipts or anything small that you want to keep in your purse  A fun little project that took all of ten minutes to make two.  so quick and simple..maybe like their maker...whaaaaa!!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2015


I have so many quilts I've forgotten a few. I decided that I wanted to put another quilt on the bed and went looking in a glass doored cabinet that I have in my sewing room and found this quilt. I really had forgotten it and I always liked it. It's one of those old fashioned type quilts that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I like real butterflies but not quilted ones so much...not sure why I've made some in the first place. BUT this one appealed to me and I must say I do like the quilting I did in the big borders. Anyway, it's been folded up for a couple of years and really needed to be spread out. Hence it is having a turn on the if I could only keep the fur kids off.
Here's "Honey, I'm Home" on the railing of the
deck getting an airing out.  I'm hoping the dog hairs will fly off as well. Won't keep it out there long,though, it's too sunny and there are a few birds flying around to get to the feeders.

I've had a good couple of days at the sewing my quilt as you go done I have to do some hand sewing and a little hand quilting to build it along some more.  You'll see it when it has some more substance.  Plus I need to make some more hickory nuts...oh a quilter's job is never done.......

Friday, September 4, 2015

I was a baaaad girl!

I got a recipe from a friend a little while ago and made some rolls....liked them a lot so today I decided...since DH was at the camp....I should make another batch.  Well, I did something different or perhaps I was too hasty the last time I made them, but this batch had flufflier and bigger rolls than the last time.  Now that is not a bad thing , I know, it's just that I couldn't resist them and ate three...yeah, you read right...three in one sitting and furthermore, I intend to eat three more at dinnertime....oh I am such a baaaaad girl....
Here's what I did this afternoon to keep from eating my supper time rolls for a snack.  Made these placemats...been wanting to make them for a while ...I kept looking at the pattern instructions and psyching myself out...curves you know....they always have intimidated me. I can handle them by hand piecing but doing them by machine is always a bit scary.  I took my time, eased the fabric and sewed in the direction that was recommended.  Voila!!! it worked like a charm.    did a little machine quilting and the binding was gently eased on but they still curl just a little bit...maybe they will flatten down as time goes on.  Anyway, I like them....only made for DH and one for me....