Great Grandma's Machine

Great Grandma's Machine

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I'm such a nerd!

I was one of those nerdy kids that absolutely loved going to school...used to drive my brother insane. I loved getting new books  and all the new school supplies. I still could spend a lifetime and a fortune at Staples.  Anyway, to make a long story short I saw a binder cover at a quilt show last year and it stuck in my little mind for ever so long.  Today was the day.  I gathered up some batik scraps and made this three ring binder cover...remember how we used to make them out of paper bags....well, this is the same technique.  I improvised a little...added a pocket for pens and put in a closure so it looked like a folio instead of just a binder cover.
Course, I added some 1/4 inch graph paper...just in case I needed to draw a quilt pattern...and I included some plastic sleeves for important non-hole punched paper...just what you need, right????

This is for the new year at quilt's important to make notes.....especially when you are as forgetful as I am.  This took me most of the day.....should say afternoon since this morning I cut out some hickory nuts for.. as a friend said yesterday "television work".....

Sure is hot out one point it was 35 degrees celsius.....I hope I remember that when it's 30 below this winter....cheers!!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Little projects are fun.

A friend decided that a microwave bowl was needed so I got right on it and made one.  I put it on the table to show DH and toddled off to prepare supper....when I returned DH decided it make a great bowl for his cherry!!
 Another friend admired my card holder and thought she would like to have one...sooooo, here it is...doggy fabric for her
 Here's the inside of the card holder....all ready for those extra cards you don't use every day but just might need the next time you go "twacking"at the mall. If you are wondering what twacking is , it is shopping at the mall without buying anything....I do a lot of that on occasion.
 Here's my card holder...made  with batiks....but to tell you the truth , I like the doggy one better...I may offer my friend her choice and hope she picks the batik one.  If not, I could always make another...they take about 30 minutes total...a simple craft and easy peasy....

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Just Itchin'

I've been itchin' to machine quilt on my new machine ....I've been sewing like a fiend but not quilting.  Anyway......I've had this pattern for a while and since I had some diamonds left over from my hexagon chevron...which is finished by the way....well, maybe not...I can't decide if I want to keep it square or make it rectangular...dilemma time..  This worked up fairly quickly...but my machine quilting is the pits.  I really need to practice making curves on the machine.  Regardless, I do like the concept just not the execution...practice, practice, practice!!  I may do this again in brights and a black border just for some of that "practice".

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Not slackin'!

See...I have been's my Sudoku quilt all finished...well almost finished...I have to make a label for it...surprisingly, this quilt is very lightweight...didn't expect that with all those little squares and seams.  oh well, I shall consider it a summer quilt...
 Now this bag, I am really happy with how it turned out. I bought the pattern and all the supplies at the Spruce it Up quilt shop in Port Elgin...a small quilt shop ....mind you, it is extremely well stocked and the prices are very good.  Saw this bag , it was in red and snazzy sewing buddy and I spent the day making our bags and not only was it a great sewing day we ended up with a great duffle bag all finished.  Life is good..
Now this kind of irks me...that is Tigger...MY DOG!!!....cuddling with DH....she never cuddles with me.  I get about two minutes and she wants down.  Here she is sound asleep on his lap ....bummer!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Busy is better!

What a wonderful day I had yesterday....I finished my Sudoku's all ready for binding....just have to cut out the binding and sew it on...that's a cuddle under the quilt activity that I love...

Then a friend came over with her machine and we set up in my craft room and sewed our little hearts out....she even brought lunch and fed how great is that!
This is what I made(she made one too). It's a wonderful wallet....I had seen this made last fall and wanted very much to make it.  A great teacher was supposed to come and show us how but we were unable to gather enough participants to make it worth her while...much to my sorrow.  Well my friend and I gathered up the supplies and grabbed hold of our courage and made our "Necessary Clutches". Surprisingly, it was not real hard to do...merely, time and labour intensive..
 As you can see by the poor angle of one of the folds I sewed the wrong has since been 'unsewed' and sewed again in the proper place.  I love this wallet/ much , I think I will put a wristlet on it so I can use it as a purse for quick trips.,,,it certainly is solid and a great pattern.
Christmas AGAIN!!! DD # 1 sent me this parcel of row by row patterns from the Ottawa quilt shops PLUS some blue fabrics perfect for water....I am such a lucky I have to get my rear in gear and make a row by row quilt top....stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Got some more things done!

I bought this little iron when I was at the Villa Madonna on a quilt works like a little son of a gun.....didn't use it at the retreat because I didn't have an ironing pad to go with it.
Now I do......finished this carrier and it goes with my iron...ta da!!  I would like to note here that when I was putting it all together I wasn't sure which side of the heat resistant fabric to use...after getting it all finished I realized I had doubled the fabric and the tote was a little heavier that it was supposed to be...oh well, it still works great.
I swear I have the best daughters in the world.  My oldest...a gathering some row by row patterns for me...she is in Ottawa. I'm looking forward to getting the patterns from her.  BUT...these patterns came for me today....from my younger daughter....not a quilter...she went around the city in Edmonton and got some patterns for me too...on the QT plus she added some fat quarters AND some hand lotion for truly is Christmas in July for me. I am so lucky!
Here's another set of placemats that I made with my new toy....this pattern is from Three Dudes quilting and I must say it was fun to do. I got the fabrics in a kit at Joanne's Christmas Crab Quiltery in New Maryland...a wonderful quilt shop on its own but its owner has amazing taste in fabrics and colours.  The other set you see with the bowl on it also came from there. Worth a drive to visit!

I don't know what it is about seeing the hay in bales across the valley where we live  but it just soothes me somehow...maybe it's knowing that a big job has been done...making hay while the sun shines.........