Great Grandma's Machine

Great Grandma's Machine

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pinterest is my Friend

 I love making things that are practical...guess I have a practical streak after all.  This "thing" is a carry case for charging attachments and what nots for your electronic devices.  Since I plan on taking my ipad, ipod and maybe my laptop with me when I go to a 4 day retreat at the Villa.  I found this pattern on Pinterest and decided it was perfect for my needs.  I could not , however, find the same closing tabs so substituted one of these thing...not sure what you call them ....
 This is what it looks like inside ....two elastics ...sewn at intervals to accommodate several cords. The wallet is detachable as shown in the bottom picture and it will hold things that go into the plugs...I guess you could call them 'plug-ins"...duh!!  Anyway, it was easy to do and as I said ...soooo practical.....

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Got another UFO done!

Have you ever bought materials for a project, set it aside until you were ready to make same project then when you were ready discovered you had used some of the material for something else? Well that's what delayed this project.  I bought the shelf liner to use under this mat and when I took it out discovered half of it gone.  Still not sure what I used it for.  Oh well!

I went to Walmart today and got some more shelf liner to use for the bottom of this mat.  I used reproduction fabrics (in a jelly roll) for this one and although it does not match the one on the other side of the bed...seen here...

I still plan on using them in the same could say my decorating style is eclectic to say the least.

I really like the projects on Moda Bake shop website...always something different.  check it out and see for yourself.  Cheers..

on a more irritating is snowing outside....AGAIN!!!  GRRRR!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Stash Buster

 I do love scrappy quilts.  This one caught my eye last year at our quilt show...and since the lady that made it shared the technique with our guild I decided I should have one too.  Her quilt was over 100 inches square with 7 x 7 squares. This one is 92 X 92 with 6 by 6 squares and even though I prefer 90 x 90 (easier to find quilt batts) I will just have to break down and purchase a king size quilt batt.  Someone at our guild talked about the wool batts and how much she liked quilting with one. Certainly something to consider.
Here's a close up of the square ....I did have a favourite one picked out but when I looked for it with the top finished I'll be darned but I couldn/t find it.  Guess I'll just have to look harder.
Used two of my circular placemats tonight...the other two are at the top of the picture.  They, for some strange reason do not lay binding must have pulled itself a little too tight...surely I didn't do that, did I?? Anyway, they connect with those red buttons you see at the top and fit on my table just right. I had fun practicing my machine quilting so everything is all good.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


 I had to take a couple of pictures for posterity.  After all, with my memory I will forget just how much snow actually came down this winter.  That middle set of windows is our bedroom...the snow drifted up there naturally and when DH did some snow blowing he added a bit to it. ....kind of hard not to with the fierce winds we had.
That black curve you see in the snow is a shepherd's crook in my flower bed.  It stands over six feet it has started to recede...a good thing....
 DH did a walk way to the back so he could snow blow a place for the puppies to do their business and for us to access the heat pump AND for the NB power guy to read our meter...doesn't look too bad except for the fact the banks are thigh high...good thing I didn't have to wade through it.
Just to give you some are Tigger (furthest out) and Faith heading out for a little wizz time.. Prior to this snowfall DH had snowblowed out straight between the two posts at least 30 or 40 was all submerged under snowdrifts and high winds.  What a winter!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

A snowy Sunday

This is our front is winter's "ha!ha! I'm not done with you yet !" message.  It's one of those blowy, snowy days with great big fat snowflakes that swirl and twirl and freeze your eyeballs and make it so awful to see ahead.  So what do we do....why go to town and have breakfast out. . that's what.  DH loves to drive in snowstorms, especially when we're the only idiots out there driving.  The snowplow driver actually looked at us like we were nuts...then again maybe he's right.
This thingy is one of four ...or will be, one of four placemats that hook together with buttons...haven't made the buttonhole yet.  It's from a pattern found on Moda's Bake Shop...a freebie and I loved doing it.  It is four mini quilts , actually, This one gave me an opportunity to practice my pebbling free motion.  It was actually good to make a whole bunch of circles all different sizes.  Now on to number two placemat....not sure how I'm going to do that one.....

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Busy Day Project

 I started this project a few days ago by cutting out the pieces and labeling everything. Then I tried to get zippers to match but that was nigh to impossible...we live in a small town and the variety is limited, so I decided to go contrast and for me.  Anyway, it got a little frustrating to say the least. If you enlarge the picture you can see where my Pfaff really does not like thick sewing pieces (crooked seams).....on second thought don't'll see all the dog hair laying on the sewing machine...oh , shelties, I do love you but damn you shed a lot.
Here's the bag opened. I made the little bowl for the wonder clips too,  so now I have to go a quilt shop and buy some wonder clips....that's one of those things I have been thinking about doing for some time..  Making this bag convinced me that would be a good thing.
 The bag that I have made it, wasn't completely a 'tear your hair out' project but definitely not for the timid.  The instructions were a little convoluted....took me a while and lots of reading (unsewing and reading again) to get it straight in my head.  Definitely a project that requires someone that has done it before to help you along.  That being said , I just may make another...I am a glutton for punishment.