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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hexie time...

I get Quilter's Connection newsletter and this time they had a pattern for this little wallet. Quick and easy project...just read the instructions like you're supposed to...and you end up with one of these .  You'll notice that one has a hook and the other doesn't...that's where the read the instructions comes in.  I sewed away, all concerned about getting the zipper in ( it was quick and easy, by the way) that I forgot to put the tab in the the other one , I paid attention.  Oh...well, it will make a great little coin purse and the other one will go to someone.

Now this hexagon took me a little longer. I saw a picture on pinterest and decided that I would like to make a quilt. Of course, I had no pattern so that meant I had to draft the large hexagon (six inch sides) so that the six inch nine patch would fit and then I drafted the triangle so it would all fit together.  Remember all that algebra you did in high know, the stuff you said you would never use....funny how it comes back to you. This is my prototype...for something to make at the Villa Madonna retreat that I'll be going to at the end of April. It's all cut out and ready to put together.  Can't wait!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Honey, I'm Home!

I took this picture two nights ago when I finished quilting and trimming the excess. Now that it is done, I am not sure how I feel about it.  It's awfully busy and seems to have no real cohesion...maybe I'm just sick of it after one whole year of sort of working on it.  Take note of the cow on the bottom row..her name is Saggy Maggy...I put the pink for the udder in the wrong place and be darned if I was going to pick it out and fix it...ergo "Saggy Maggy".
 I laid the quilt on the bed to have a look and see what I thought of it here...not so bad but still busy....I'll put it in the quilt show we are having in September because that is mainly why I put it in the frame to quilt...just to have something in the show other than small things.  I'll probably like it better after it earns its keep and keeps me warm.

I took this picture in the hopes of being able to see the feathers in the lighter parts of the log cabins but alas you still can't see them. All that work and no one will be able to see it and ooh and aah appropriately.  oh least it can keep me warm....Cheers!

FYI...I am calling this one "Honey, I'm Home!" simply because I put a few things about Sussex that I really like.  Geese fly over our house  during their migration times, lots of covered bridges around...we've planted a variety of trees around...there are quilt blocks on the barns, lots of barns around with lots of cows, and loads of traditional churches..there's more but that'll do for now...

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Busy work!

I joined the Hexie Blog's block of the month...and this is supposed to be a representation of a shamrock.  Not totally there, but close enough , I guess.  Believe it or not, those are all greens...including that kind of yellowish looking ones.  I've heard that if you take a picture of your scrappy s you can get a good idea of value.  Seems like whoever told me that was right plus the lighting in my studio(snicker,snicker...sewing room) is not true daylight.

I found a picture of these on Pinterest and then found the pattern at . It was quick, simple and surprisingly easy to make.  A charm pack will make a lot of them.  Calls for 4 five inch squares each plus 16 inches of ribbon.  I have filled these with chocolate all I need are some kids or grandkids to come for Easter...maybe I can get DH to eat them all...I'm dieting again..that's so I can fit into my clothes , they've gone and shrunk on me again.....

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A fun little project.

I found the instructions for this little project on line and decided I should just have one.  It's an I pad support  and even though I don't have an I Pad...I do have a Blackberry  playbook and I really like to play games when I'm lunching by myself. I could never find anything to keep the tablet angled  this  was a no-brainer.

The little flower was kind of fun to do as well.

Here's another angle.  I'm just so tickled...didn't take long to do and the only issue I had was finding a rock for the weight inside.  I had to shovel some snow and use the shovel to dig a rock out of the frozen ground. Dirty job but someone had to do it.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Six more weeks of Winter....noooooo!

The groundhog saw his shadow and we're having six more weeks of's a good thing I have things to do.  Here's my February BOM that came from the I love Hexies blog.  In case it's not so obvious to you , it is a heart. I downsized my hexies to 3/4 inch rather than one inch in order to have 12 inch squares.  Not exactly sure how it's going to be finished but then it is the journey, is it not?
I've also reached the half way point in this quilt and am moving beyond. That always feels good when I am quilting. I wish I could think of a name for this quilt...Honey, I'm Home! comes to mind since I've incorporated some things about the area that I like....barn quilts, cows, old churches, our house, stuff like that. I'm quilting feathers in the light part of the log cabin and shadow quilting the vines and leaves. Makes for a lot of quilting but the needle is sliding through like butter so it's not a chore to quilt.  I make time every day...a half hour here, an hour there.  I'll probably finish it soon and that means I'll just have to find another quilt top to put in the frame...

Sunday, February 2, 2014

boredom is not an option

Minor miracle here, I caught Tigger being still. If you are wondering what she has in her mouth , it is a stuffed "Tigger" toy that DD # 2 sent to her from Edmonton's Disney Store.  Spoiled pup.
Just had to find something to do.  So these are Pot Pinchers...that's what they are called...actually they are mini pot holders. I have had a pair for probably 20 years or more...geez, that seems like forever....and they are done...soooooooo, it was time for a new pair. So I used fabric I don't like and left over binding.  Certainly serves the purpose AND it gave me something to do. I hate being bored!!