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Thursday, July 24, 2014

NOW it is done!

Here's my "Hickory Nuts" with the half hexies to finish the sides  I like this much better now that it seems to have a finished look to it.  What do you think?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hickory Nuts

I finally got my" Hickory Nuts" pieced together...great past time while watching movies, by the way.....and now I'm not so sure how I feel about it.  I loved making the hexagons and could actually spend hours making more but I  only needed so many.  I also cannot decide if I want to leave it like this or put half-hexies on the sides to even it out.  Not a big decision just one I should make.  It really does not seem finished to me. I don't mind the ends being pointed but the ragged edges of the sides don't suit me at all.

Here's the back of the lap quilt.   I guess you could say it's reversible.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

A dim light!

Look a my clematis this year...just loaded with flowers. I wasn't sure it was going to survive the harsh winter we had....not a lot of snow for here but lots of freezing, thawing and freezing and that is really hard on plants...but there it is , just a'shinin'....
This clematis is a year old and it looks a little mutated to me.  The petals are supposed to be pointed but this one looks like it changed its mind half way through growing.  It too survived the hard winter and is climbing up its trellis wonderfully...not as many flowers but there is always next year.


Took this one out of the frame today.  I've been without my television for four days now and going through a slight withdrawal...I like to watch movies and hand sew and with no tv I sat down and quilted my carpal tunnel back.  No kidding, the hands went numb each night after an afternoon and evening of hand quilting...But, it is done and ready for binding.  yippee!! I made a list of things I wanted to do this summer ...this was one of them....I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to my "To Do" list...

I've been threatening to get rid of our dining room set for several years now and finally it has happened. We donated the table, two extensions, and six chairs to the local 'Sharing Club"...hopefully, someone will want it enough to buy it from them.  Here's the set we purchased this past week.  It has a set in extension in the centre and two more chairs.  Very simple and plain in design....just the way I like it.. Now I have to make some new table toppers, right????
remember these things...I called them 'chestnuts' .. it turns out they are called "hickory nuts"....well, I was least I called them 'nuts'.....that's what DH tells me I am....wonder why.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Still playing with hexagons.

I think these are called 'chestnuts'...not sure where I heard them called that but it works for me.  They are large hexagons wrapped around smaller hexagon batts and fabric.  then quilted a little bit....kind of a quilt as you go  when they are all pieced together.   I made a quilt similar to this one ... way back when and experimented with the colour placement and ended up not liking it one bit.  I think DD #1 has it. This one will actually have more of her fabrics in it than mine since I raided her stash this past May...she said I could...sweet lady  that she is.
Here's my Jack's Chain at the halfway point. The large hexagons quilted kind of look like a sand dollar. It's still tough going and I am forcing myself to quilt an hour a day on it.Hopefully, that will be enough time to get it all quilted before the quilt show in September....I'm a fairly fast quilter and I might even have enough time to get another in the frame before then.  I wouldn't hold my breath waiting if I were you...

This is one of my favourite spots on our property.  You cannot see the view since it is kind of foggy today but I just love the whole atmosphere "under the deck" wind chimes down there and the clematis is gorgeous this year. The morning glories aren't up yet but when they are it will be even prettier.  Quiet, restful spot...and all mine, mine, mine....don't tell the dogs!!
I took this picture yesterday after the rain shower.  It's amazing to me to see so many rainbows. I have seen more rainbows since we moved here than I have seen in all my life and that is a 65 year old life  people.  DH says it is because it is so open here and I am looking for them. Maybe so...but I'm sticking with the story that someone higher up is glad we moved here.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I'm a Hexie fan..

 I finally got this one into the frame...mind you, I had a devil of time getting it set in properly.  First time ever that I had 108 wide fabric that was actually not parallel.  It was off by at least 18 inches ....couldn't believe what I was seeing. The rods that are used to attach the fabric are perfectly straight and yet when I attached the fabric it was off on one corner by at least that much.  Weird! Anyway, I got my Hexagon Chain onto the frame and got quilting. There is a lot of paint on the white fabric and it is a little tough going...but I'm tough, too. I'll get 'er done!

This is the June BOM from the Hexie Blog.  Took the picture to see if the colours were what I actually wanted.  I think it will do.  I probably will start on the sashing and cornerstones soon so I'll have an idea of how I want to put this together.  I'm not a fan of BOM's, I like to get everything organized for the full top in advance and then put it together, however, this is a fun little project  especially since I like making hexagons...not sure why really...

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Been keepin' busy!

 This is my Bailey's Island Hobo Bag.  It is not something I like and the shame of it is...I did not read the instructions properly and I have no one to blame but myself.   I loved the bags I saw at the Gathering of the guilds...they were doubt the instructions were followed carefully.  The bag itself is not difficult to make...time consuming and uses a LOT of thread  and one needs to use good needles or else you break them a lot.  Anyway, I figured I knew better and didn't compensate for the fact that I made my strips wider , ergo the bag was wider than it was supposed to be.

Here's an inside view with the four pockets up the sides. If I had any gumption, I would sit down and UNSEW and make the measurements according to the directions.  And then, I would probably like the bag better.  I of these rainy days when I have nothing pressing to do I'll put this at the top of the list and fix it so that I eventually like it.  Don't hold your breath waiting....ok???
Now this little project...I followed the instructions carefully and I love it.  What is it, you say.  Well, it is a travel pillow that wraps around the seat belt so you can lay your head on it and snooze while hubby drives.  I have been looking for the pattern for a while. Saw it on Pinterest and when I clicked on the link , was told the link was no longer valid.  I was really annoyed first.....then I was looking through my Evernote list and lo and behold what should I find but the instructions that I had copied to Evernote ages ago.  Lucky me.!..

It worked up in a well explained. If you have never used Evernote...I strongly recommend it.
It's a free program that allows you to copy patterns, tutorials and anything you wish to save just by right clicking on the page or as I have on my laptop the Evernote icon. Keeps all that stuff in one program.

You can download it for free by Googling Evernote. I have it on all my devices and it automatically syncs to all of the devices when I add something new. I really like it.

Well that's it for now....but I would like to tell you that my DD put her quilt in the Common Threads Quilt show this weekend  in Ottawa and won first place for hand quilting. Her mom quilted it for her and she says I can have the ribbon but she's keeping the prize money.  Like mother, like it!!