Monday, February 20, 2017

Keeping busy!

 I went on a road trip last summer and collected Row by Row patterns from the various quilt shops...lots of fun considering my stash almost doubled in size along with the patterns...oh well, one must feed one's addiction. Hello! spring is coming really quickly despite that pile of snow we have in our front yard and I need to get organized for the Villa Madonna retreat. Ergo I started the row by rows and here's the first one.  Can't remember where it is from...I have it written down somewhere.  The rows are all arranged in a quilt design so it is just a matter of getting them done, deciding on what colour fabric I want to use to join them and then I can put it all together at the Villa. If you were wondering the theme for 2016 is Home Sweet Home.

 In the meantime, I am still working on the Fat Cat alphabet. Here's O...for owl, right? pretty straight forward and easy to recognize......
well! here's N and I haven't got a clue what animal it is supposed to be.  Do you have any suggestions? I honestly cannot think of an animal that starts with I having a senior's moment here ?   Just wait until I get to that is going to be a revelation.

Regardless, I am enjoying the whole process and it will be another project to take to the Villa.  I will probably put this one together with scraps...multi colours and use one fabric in cornerstones and outside borders and binding  to pull it together...means a shopping trip....oh well, if I have to!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a beaver so perhaps they are going with North American beaver?