Monday, August 22, 2016

Another one quilted!

I put this quilt in the frame just after I finished my Baltimore Christmas...bound and determined to have it quilted for the quilt show next month.  Tonight I finished binding it.  It was interesting to quilt especially since each square or rectangle as it happens was unique and required different quilting patterns.  I learned a valuable lesson with this quilt.... perhaps I should say two lessons.

One...don't be in such a hurry to put something together...there were a couple of places that I had to hand sew some seams that didn't quite connect. I did not check my seams as I put them together...too anxious to finish it before the retreat was over.  lesson learned!

Two...never, never use steam a seam for a project that I want to hand quilt....amend that...never, never use steam a seam on anything that I want to quilt PERIOD.  It gums up the needle, shreds the thread and is irritating as hell to quilt through. I will definitely go back to the old fashioned hand method of applique.  Call me set in my ways...I can take it!

Now to sew on a label...actually on four quilts...damn it just never ends!

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GailM. said...


You know, I find Steam a seam hard to work with too. I use wonder under, but have never tried to hand quilt through it.