Thursday, June 18, 2015

design walls are fun

I am making a hexagon quilt...with loads and loads of diamonds...scrappy , of course.....and it seems as though I have loads and loads of leftover diamonds to play with...oops, silly me...maybe I should have calculated how many I would actually need to make the quilt....yeah, right!!!

Anyway, I have to do something with these scraps, so why not make some table toppers and sell them at our quilt show next September....
That's where the design wall comes in, I can play around with the colours and see which ones I like the best.   I preferred the combination to the left with a darker blue in the centre and the light surrounding it.
 This one  I like the best. I just changed the centre and moved the lights to balance it a little more...what say you???
Thought I'd show you the border on my Sudoku quilt. It is the pattern I saw on Pinterest on a quilt and was captivated by it.  Didn't take much to draft it to fit the two outside borders. This is another quilt that I am really enjoying.  I think it is because it is not a repeat pattern and has a little diversity.  The next quilt in the queue it my scrappy nine...a repeat pattern...wonder what I can do to make it more appealing to quilt...any suggestions?

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GailM. said...

Hi there. I love that border. How do you mark it. Did you make a template. I am always looking for interesting hand quilting designs for the church quilts that I make. I'd love to see how the corner is done... Wonderful.