Saturday, August 11, 2012

On the Road

 I had this quilt show in my calendar and got a reminder that I wanted to go. Since it was  a dreary Saturday afternoon and one of my chums wanted to go as well, we took a little road trip.  The community where the show was held is Cambridge Narrows on Washademoek Lake and to make it even more appealing it was held in a little , old church...a wonderful venue for the Akerley Area Quilt Guild to hold their show. I loved this little pieced wall hanging with the puppy paw prints in the cute.
 This little applique quilt caught my well done and the colours were so appropriate...should have known who the quilter is...Brenda Dunsmore...always does such excellent work.
I still am drawn to the traditional quilts and there is nothing more heartwarmg than the Dresden Plate...I really liked the write-ups they had attached to each piece...with a little history of each quilt...some were for sale. l
 I like these chatelaines, as well....each one was so unique and so personal ...notice the Sunbonnet Sue..the the one in the middle with the guitar.  The two colour quilt beside them wasn't hard on the eyes either.
 A little Christmas section...always a fun thing to look at.
 Here's a view from the the pews and the simplicity of the church. They also had a wonderful display(there on the left of the picture) explaining about Victoria's quilts and some samples of the quilts going to that wonderful organization.
This is the quilt that got my vote for People's Choice...three colours...the white, of course and two shades of fabric matching exactly in a blue/grey...amazing quilting and so soft and warm...just loved it.
 This is what is on permanent display behind the pulpit.  Such a great touch of personal involvement of the congregation . Small communities where everyone participates.
 This , I believe is one of the projects of programmes of the guild...just to let everyone know what they're up to.
Hallowe'en and fall colours..of course, they go hand in hand and on the backs of the pews wonder scrappy quilts .  It was a great show...they provided the absolute best cookies and refreshments and the vendor they invited in had some great treats for sale...not that I bought anything, wink, wink!


Love Of Quilts said...

I do love looking as pretty quilts. You didn't buy anything...wink wink.

GailM. said...

Oh, I didn't get there because it was during my Grammie Camp. I love the puppy paws on the border of the quilt. I'm glad you took pictures. Thanks for sharing.