Monday, April 17, 2017

To the Villa I Go!

Some would say that I am head strong (that would be DH) and some would say that I am single minded (that would be me) and then a lovely lady at lunch the other day suggested that perhaps I was focused.....I have decided that I like that better. Sooooo....this is what I am currently focused on.  I found a freebie on the internet  from one of the fabric companies and since I liked the whole concept (except for the pastels...I just cannot seem to do pastels) I decided it would make a great project for the retreat that I am going to next week.
 Since the pattern included piecing and some applique and one hundred zillion half square triangles (perhaps I exaggerate ...but there are lots and lots) I thought I should get it all ready for the Villa.  Well, I cut everything out and thought I should do the hand work now since I mostly sew at the Villa.  As I worked along , I realized that I wouldn't have the time to do all the HST's so perhaps I should prepare the squares and then just put it all together.  Since I have two other projects that need to be put together, adding one more wouldn't hurt.
Ergo, these are four of the squares ready to rock and roll.  I have one more applique rectangle like the one below (with the snazzy bird) to do and, of course, the requisite wreath....I have that on the go now. I will do the second bird patch facing in the opposite direction when the wreath  is finished. Then I will start on the HST's , if only  to get a head start on them before the Villa next week.
We will be there for four days and three nights....ordinarily a great stretch of time to sew but we do take an afternoon to visit a quilt shop and then there are the umpteen times we have to stop to eat all the home made goodies that the ladies make for us, plus we manage to get in a few games of strip poker...yes , you heard right, STRIP Poker!!!!...we are a wild and crazy bunch...I hear there might be wine involved again this year.


Barb said...

Have fun at the Villa, looks like you are plenty organized.

Linda H said...

Yes, "focused" does sound better.... Have fun at the Villa!