Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another Purse

 I like to make my own purses since I rarely can find one that suits me.  I saw this one at a quilt of the vendors had it made up and was selling patterns....sooooo, I bought the pattern and chose my own fabrics. I wanted black and gold and bought three fabrics. Got home , cut out what I wanted in each section of the bag.  When I put the fabrics ...already cut, remember....under the wonderful Ott light I discovered that the two main fabrics I was using were not the same.  One had a very dark brown background and the other had a dark blue background (both with black and a touch of gold).. I was a little annoyed to say the least...damned florescent lighting!  Anyway, I decided to go ahead and make the purse anyway.
 I should have acknowledged this as an omen but I read the reviews on the pattern from previous buyers and they loved it and couldn't wait to make another one....yeah, right!!!!  I broke a needle on this bag, the straps don't need double makes them too stiff AND if you don't label EVERYTHING(it has an outside and inside cell phone pocket), you have to measure and re-measure and realign. I couldn't even listen to a good book while I was sewing....had to pay attention....annoying.
 Then, I couldn't find my black velcro...had to use white on the hidden pocket...darn good thing it is hidden. I ended up using a snap closure for the top of the bag....that may be a good thing because I find that velcro catches in sweaters and things and that can be annoying.  Can you tell I am tired and cranky.....been sewing ALL excuse. We shall see how much I like this bag after I use it for a while.
Tigger was also annoyed with me and wouldn't look up. She's tired and wants to go to bed.  DH is away at the camp and neither of the dogs is happy about that. They howl and whine when HE leaves and don't make a whimper of any kind when I do....not fair when you consider that they are both my least that is what I tell myself.

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Colleen G said...

Gail would you be willing to share the pattern name/designer? I was looking at a purse in an airport shop yesterday and was intrigued. Being leather, it was too pricey but perhaps in fabric, it would be more reasonable. Hope your interest in the project improves after a good night's rest. I've had many a day like yours.