Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Centre of the Santa Quilt

Well here is the centre of my Baltimore Christmas quilt. I have to put an inside border on will be red, of course, probably about 2 inches wide then the outside border which will be 12.5 inches wide and will have scallops of holly leaves and stars...quite pretty actually . It will take a while to do but then I have lots of time. I don't plan on having this ready for Christmas this year and as far as quilting it goes there are 5 quilts in the queue......DH is wondering if I am going to hoard this one like I do with the rest of a giggle out of that.  Truth be told, with the exception of some extra small pieces  I quite enjoyed the applique.  I will always be grateful to Judy S....a quilt guild member that told me about back basting applique.....she sure opened a world of opportunity for me.  

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