Thursday, January 28, 2016

Got a reminder!

 Had coffee with a long time and valued friend yesterday and she reminded me that I have a blog and she follows it..."What was I working on?"...well, sheesh, I got to thinking about that....I've been knitting...that's a given in the winter but I have also been puttering around with these squares...for a Christmas Bouquet that I bought probably two years ago.  I put it aside because it intimidated the bejeesus out of me.  Every now and then, I pick it up and realize that like every other quilt I have done that scared me some...just one step at a time and it all gets done.  This one is number three...there are 26 little pieces to each snow man and then there is the embroidery after that.  I guess at this point  I should add here that  I love to embroider on careful of what you wish for.

This is block number two...they are not in the order  the pattern recommends. I put them in the order of how easy I perceived them to be...silly me...they are all difficult. Now I am just grabbing a pattern and doing checking the number of pieces...what was Nike's motto "Just do it"!
I did this one first... and kind of enjoyed it.  I put it aside for almost a year...yeah I know..stupid, I should have kept going but sometimes things get in the way.    I have number four all marked ..the fabrics picked out and waiting for me to screw up my is a gingerbread house with lollipops and cupcakes and candy canes...oh my!!
This is another project I am playing around was a swap I presented to my guild ...only two members signed my DD # 1 in Ottawa, bless her heart.  I made the three smaller ones...I want to make mine shoebox style...DD's is the middle one and the bottom one is from Susan at my guild ..she embellished hers and I love it!  The fourth one will be along soon...she is one busy lady but I know she will get hers done...can't wait.  I plan on added smaller fillers with appliqued thimbles, scissors, rotary cutters and maybe a coffee cup...or should I say tea cup since I am a "tea" totaller. If I get myself organized I may have it ready for our quilt show in September...I have time, right???


Barb said...

What fun things...your blocks are fantastic

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Just had a lovely half hour perusing your archives. Love the header quilt; it's phenomenal to me. Thanks for all the pictures.