Monday, September 12, 2011

Double Dresden Done!

 Here's my Double Dresden single size quilt all quilted and bound...finished it tonight while watching Coronation Street(My British,,you know) and then Jeopardy. Now my quilt frame looks so forlorn with nothing on it...hate to see it like that so I'd better get my act together and put another quilt in it...maybe a charity one this time. This is the one that will sit at the foot of our bed...just for me...DH likes only one quilt...furnace that he is, and me...well, I like to snuggle under a couple...solves my problem this single sample.

Thought you might like to see a close up of the quilting.  Sure do like that twisted rope pattern, especially on solid fabric really pops.
Faith had enough of waiting and decided it was time for her to go to bed. She tries this just about every night...trying to get us to go to bed early......mind you, this is not where she is supposed to sleep but she just has to give it the good ol' Sheltie try...stubborn  little thing.

And here is my faithful companion...Tigger is more than willing to wait until I go to bed no matter what hour it is. She will curl up wherever she can keep an eye on me and when I decide to go , she comes right along with me...except when Meghan, our younger daughter is here..then she is entirely Meghan's ...fickle little ...s^*t. Oh well, luv her anyway.


Barb said...

I so love how it is quilted!!

Linda H said...

Lovely Gail. I love the twisted rope design too. Very nice!!

Sharryt said...

Gail that quilt is gorgeous, do you ever sell any of your quilts?