Monday, August 29, 2011

Courage where art thou???

 In an earlier post I mentioned how long it took to get this book and how much I wanted it. I ran out to the fabric store and bought fabric within days of receiving it.  After diligently washing and pressing the fabric, it  sat in my sewing room for weeks while I tried to screw up my courage to begin...I'm like that....if I feel intimidated by something, I stew on it for a time and then just get right down to it and do it.  This one intrigued me...all those little squares and all reverse applique. I tried reverse applique a couple of times years ago and it really didn't bother me but those  pieces were much larger than 4.5 inches square. Well , this weekend I decided it was time . Of course I never pay attention to instructions if I think I can do it differently and perhaps faster....naughty! naughty!.  ....what is that expression?..."if all else fails, read the instructions"..It quite clearly states to cut your top fabric in six inch squares so that you can allow for some shrinkage after applique...what, me shrink fabric...never you say!!

These are the four that I managed to finish ...the one in the upper right corner this evening.  I cut my top squares 5 inches...not wanting to waste...(a lot of Scot in me) and the back squares 4.5. I squeaked by with the 5 inch squares...think I'll follow the instructions and cut the 6 inch squares and cry in my beer about all the wastage. On the bright side, I loved doing the reverse applique...even the teeny little squares were fun...a little challenging at the beginning but I managed...I can only get better as time goes on...right?????


Barb said...

Oh are doing a fantastic job...glad you got up the courage. Have you seen "quilting in Oz" dutch treats? She has done some amazing work.

Riel Nason said...

Um, holy wow, those are tiny bits. Looking great though.