Sunday, December 5, 2010

Can't show you now.

 I have been busy...sewing Christmas  gifts that I can't show you...some people actually read my instead I will show you my tree. This year I decided I wanted to 'theme' it...all silver and a little blue...the tree skirt has a lot of blue in it , hence the colour addition. I hate the wall behind it..absolutely nothing on it and I am having major difficulty deciding what I want to put on it. Maybe something will come to me over the holidays when my 'babies' are home.
I decided not to put any of the huge box of ornaments I have on this tree...not sure why .

However, I have some favourites so I put them 
here on the railing leading to the downstairs. Kind of overloaded the poor railing but one must work with what one has.

This picture below is a funny story a bout Tigger.  We get our gas at the Petrocan and they're dog lovers who give our Shelties dog bones.  Since they fight about food we decided the best thing we could do is wait until we were home and separate the dogs while they ate their bones.  . I folded the paper and stuck it in the holder on the door. We left the 'girls' in the car and ran into Timmies for coffee. Tigger could not wait... This is what was left when we returned.  I'm not sure who laughed the longest ...needless to say we added a few hours onto our lives.    And Faith...well, she just ignored the whole laid back our girlie. Oh the joy of owning a pet...

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Mags said...

I love the tree. There must be something with blue, white and silver this year as I have seen so many people decorating in those colors. Maybe the colors are soothing. Someday I would LOVE to get a skirt for the tree quilted. I bought a beautiful panel so perhaps if I don't have to actually piece one it might get made :-)
Happy Holidays to you and your family. Enjoy the time.