Sunday, February 4, 2018


 I did this once least all the squares were done and then I put it aside for several years...not really happy with my applique...I had used the freezer paper method.

If you have been reading my blog then you know how enthralled I have become with back basting applique.

I gave away the 12 centre squares at our Chinese Auction at quilt guild .  Then just before know that time when everything is just about've done all your shopping, baking and decorating and you are just waiting for the actual Christmas time to begin......I got a little bored and decided I needed something to do by hand. So here we are!

 Tigger is having a look and I just know she is saying "do you really need to do another quilt?"  Well yes, Tigger, I do.  It has been haunting me for years. I paid a lot of money for the patterns and the Scot in me was horrified that It was just sitting there waiting to be appliqued.

I worked out of my stash...except for the sashing and cornerstones. I had originally bought a gold fabric for the first top and ended up using it piece meal on other I went to the Fabric Cupboard in "go to" shop when I want something specific and got another to replace.
I must add here that something unusual happened while appliquing this quilt. Ordinarily..being myopic I would do hand work without my glasses and holding the work very close to my eyes. It would get very uncomfortable and I would have shoulder pain and sometimes bad headaches. I am nothing if not determined.
  Since I had the implants after cataract surgery I now do applique with glasses on and holding the work at a very comfortable position(using my applique pillow as well) more shoulder pain, no headaches and I can see the work so much better......BONUS! Now on to another applique quilt...a BOM....I just have to find the patience to wait for each pattern to come in at the first of each month.  Oh well...I could always get cracking on my 2017 Row by Row.....or my 150 Canadian Women...or my Canada Mystery quilt...or my wolf kit....and  well you get the picture.

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Colleen said...

Beautiful quilt!

I’m very interested in your updates on your vision. I’m very nearsighted too and know exactly what you mean about taking off your glasses and working close - and the resulting pain. I’m looking at cataract surgery sometime this year. It sounds like you have adjusted well, which is encouraging. It will be strange not putting on glasses first thing every morning, as I’ve done that since I was 8 years old.