Thursday, October 19, 2017

Miss me?

In January I visited the optometrist to have my vision tested. I was having difficulty with blurriness, with and without my glasses.  The Doc. sent me to the opthomologist(spelling????)
 and sure enough...the cataracts had grown to point of having to be removed.  After a couple of visits to the specialist ( I can spell that one) I was scheduled for the right eye in August and the left eye in September.  As a result, I found it was difficult to hand piece, machine sew and even to hand quilt.  The Doc and I opted for my myopia to be changed to farsightedness.....After 52 years of wearing glasses to see at a distance and taking my glasses off to read and do close work, it was now the opposite. I am having the worst time adjusting.  The first thing I do in the morning is reach for my glasses...a long time habit and now I don't need to. At the end of the month it will be my final visit to the specialist, I will have my vision tested again to see what strength of reading (and hand sewing) glasses I need.  I cannot wait. I bought some cheapies at the dollar store to make do until I know for sure...some are good, some are great and one pair magnifies everything....but I look like Bubba from the Trailer Park Boys.

I haven't been doing the things I love to do and it is driving me crazy...I feel so I am missing something.  I decided I just had to start something at the machine to get used to wearing glasses while I sew....I used to take off my glasses ...sometimes with great fury cuz I couldn't see well enough and now I have to have a pair on to see what the machine is doing....changes!!  This little mug rug is from the block of the month at the guild. I love hexies and this was a cutie so I broke down and tackled it.  Wasn't too difficult...used the medium strength glasses for the machine  and a stronger pair for the hand work.  Took a while to get any flow to the machine quilting...that's still not my thing but now I can blame it on the glasses.  Works for me!


Barb said...

I know having this done will make your life so much better but frustrating in the mean time. Glad you are able to figure out a temporary fix.

Anonymous said...

Love your pun intended...