Saturday, April 8, 2017

Practical as ever!

Next week I am demonstrating back basting applique to the evening ladies in our quilt guild.  I chose this pattern because it has curves, cut ins and or course straight lines....I made two for examples and then I realized I had to show the practicality of any square...just my nature...can't waste things.  Anyway, I made this into a little you can see by the picture below.
 I always seem to do things in a hurry.  After I finished the applique I practiced my free motion quilting on the Pfaff(lots of curse words at this attempt...kept the pedal to the metal and broke the thread a few times.) Once I relaxed and got into a nice rhythm things went along smoothly. However I do wish I had made zipper tabs and finished the interior more neatly.   Oh well, it IS just a practice piece.
Poor little Tigger...I think she misses her sister Faith.  Certainly not when it comes to cookie time or for supper time, but when it came time to go outside at the back door she always waited for Faith to come (slowpokingly) down the stairs.  She still looks for her until I call her to come on and then it's all over.  I guess seven years of waiting got to be a habit and God knows Shelties need their habits. Other than that Tigger gets to go in the car more and ALL the sweet potato treats are hers.

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