Sunday, February 5, 2017

Nova Scotia And another Project

Here's the Nova Scotia BOM for the Cantik Batik Mystery quilt.  Still  have a few to go but I've decided to put it aside for a bit.  At the rate I am going I will have all the ones I have all done and then I'll be sitting here waiting to do the rest. I have very little patience at the best of times ...days maybe, months no.
So I decided that I would have a look through my patterns and start another project.  I love Sindy Rodenmeyer patterns....she's the one that designed the Whoo Knows owl quilt.  I loved doing that one so here's another project by her.  It's obvious that it is the alphabet...A for Antelope  and below is B for Bear . I am currently working on C for Cow. I collected the patterns a long time ago and put them together for a later date. I think you can order them on her web site now.
She does a BOM for free every year...this year is Caught ya! lures...great for the fisherman hubby. I have her gnomes sitting in a packet waiting to be done as well.  She also offers a lot of freebies on her website Fat Cat Patterns. Her patterns are really easy to do, instructions easy to follow and kind of cute. I'd really be in trouble if I had a grandchild...he or she would be inundated with quilts.Can we say obsessed?

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