Wednesday, August 24, 2016

labelling my quilts

If it wasn't for quilts show regulations I would not have any labels on my quilts...which is a shame really because I have made so many I forget when I made them, who I gave them to and what the patterns were. Bit of a hypocrite here...I always tell the beginners "make sure you label your quilt". Need a boot in the you know where...

  I still have my Baltimore Christmas to label and I am not sure just how I am going to do that.  These are the three that I did yesterday and today. The row by row quilt that I did last year got the only license plate that I was able to get.  By the time I learned about the row by row, the quilt shops had run out of plates... I decided this year I was going to try a little harder to get some plates and include them in my 2016 row by row. five!!

The owl label seemed appropriate for the Whoo Knows quilt.  I may just do some embroidery for my Baltimore Christmas even though I have the label started by printing it from the computer. Since the quilt these are laying on is a reversible lap quilt I will probably just write my name somewhere....I know, it's the lazy way to do it but this is reversible and I really don't want a label showing on it.

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