Saturday, August 6, 2016

August Quilt Show

Every year at Cambridge Narrows there is a quilt show as part of their "Life at the Lakes" celebration.  I make a point of attending , mainly because the quilters that belong to this guild are so incredibly active AND innovative.  They always do things 'outside the box' and I love seeing what they do.   Not only that, I get a lot of really good ideas as to what I would like to do next.  Today was no exception..  This first picture is of a bed runner....each of those squares are crazy quilted...mostly scrappy and really pretty....
 then this next one interested me....sunflowers...dimensional and a wonderful representation of the fall.
BUT....the next four pictures are what really intrigued me.  They individual pictures...created with fabric, of course....but I understand , after a conversation with my favourite Cambridge-Narrows , Akerly Quilt guild member it was a challenge...not only in fabric choices and theme...I forgot to ask exactly what the theme was but it was also an exercise in judging for the members.  AS the pieces were brought in, they were hide the identity of the creator and then judges were assigned for quite a few different categories and  badges had to be bestowed on their choices.   BD told me that the judges found it extremely difficult and made them
realize just how hard it is to place ribbons and awards in different categories.  Maybe it is something
all quilters should have to do just to see how hard it is to give awards, whether merited or not. I loved the idea of the frame around each one...what a great way to bring quilt art into your home.

This last picture was another project that interested me.  I have made a few post cards but nothing as elaborate as these.  The one that caught my eye was the one at the top left corner with the chickadees.  It is a piece of fabric that the creator used to thread paint. So effective and so pretty.  Inspirational to say the least.  I think I may try some more postcards for fun.....

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