Friday, April 29, 2016

I went to the Villa

I had this all ready for the villa before I went.  Each of the rows were done and I had designed the layout to fit them all.  Some of them came from Ontario (bless DD # 1  ) and some came from Alberta(bless DD # 2).  I've written down where each one came from and will make sure it goes on the label.  The only one that I did was the fish one.  I designed that on EQ7 and hand appliqued it.  I must say it was a fun project.  Each strip in itself was fun to do and could have certainly stood alone for a wall hanging  but having a bunch of them made it more challenging to finish.  One of the ladies at the Villa commented  "Boy, it sure has a lot to look at!"  Do you think she meant it was a little
Here's the second project I worked on.  Another crayon quilt. The first one I did went off to my grandniece in Newfoundland...hope she wears it out.  Where this one is going to go is anyone's guess. I think I will practice some more on my machine quilting...I really need to work on that.  Then it will probably go in a cabinet like the other quilts I have no idea what to do with.

For my third pays to have more than one thing to do....I brought my Cathedral window squares to work.  got 8 done. NOw it is time to set it aside and work on the twelfth square of my Baltimore Christmas. I am anxious to get at the "Big Guy"........

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