Sunday, November 8, 2015

A to do done!

I don't know what it is about brown but I seem to be using it a lot these days.  The last project I did had brown in it...the reversible woven table runner and now here I am ,again, using brown for this table topper.

Not only that, you'd think I'd had enough of table toppers but here you go...another one.

This one is part of the Block of the Month we are doing at guild.  The technique we were using was the fast flying geese. I tried it a long time ago when I had less patience and wasn't really happy with the results.  This time I didn't cut off any tips....BONUS....and the geese worked up predicted.  I did not choose my colours wisely...should be more of a contrast between the two batiks I least the brown make the stars pop a little more.  Too bad it is going to be hidden under my computer.

I think the next stage of the Block of the Month is applique...I like that!

1 comment:

GailM. said...

Very nice. Too nice for under your computer though... I love getting things done too. Seems I need a deadline or my stuff doesn't get done!!