Sunday, November 1, 2015

A designing Wall

This is my design wall this morning....An applique up in the corner that has been there for months....I had planned to have more done by now....nope , not happening!

The miniatures are supposed to have borders, batted, backed and quilted....nope, not happening!

The hexagons have been around forever...they were an experiment...that worked and now I am not sure what to do with them....maybe I shall put them in a shoebox ....for a future shoebox quilt...

The chocolate brown thingy on the right is going to be a table runner. It started out with just Batiks but they kind of faded into the background so I added the chocolate and now they look a little better...they will eventually be a small table runner to sit under this here computer that I am playing at........................And

this Dresden plate ....well it was started in April
at the Villa was one of those projects
I took with me , just in case I actually felt like doing some hand piecing.  That didn't happen so it came home with me.  I got to it during the summer and did a few blocks when I realized that I did NOT have the sections all organized and accounted for which means I had to start all over again and count the number of squares I needed along with the pieces for the borders ,thank heavens.  It turns out I did not cut enough background pieces and I have easily a couple of hundred Dresden petals cut out...darn good thing, too, since Tigger got hold of one of the packages and ate four of the petals before I caught her...they are now outside in the grass...I've seen them...DH wants to know if I want to bring them in, wash them and use them...he's such a twit!

I made a TO Do list this morning since I was beginning to feel a little frustrated at not getting anything actually finished.  There are nine things on it...and that does not include things I want to do for Christmas  so as of now I am regimenting slacking thing per week...I shall post as I finish each one. My advice...don't hold your breath waiting.

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