Friday, October 30, 2015

Project Day

The Sussex Vale Quilters' Guild held a project day this past Tuesday and even though I was late.....slept in and then couldn't decide whether I wanted to eat lunch out or at the hall....I managed to get it  organized and almost finished at the hall.  This is one of those projects you have to pay attention or you will lose your place  and, of course, with so many people coming in the afternoon for show and tell I got distracted.

I wrapped it all up in a flannel sheet and brought it home to finish up.

It's a good thing I actually wanted to make mine a little shorter than the original pattern because I got the sequence all screwed up and had to start over again at the half way me, it was an exercise in maintaining patience..

However, I do like it , now that it is all finished... If you're wondering what the fuss was all about....this is a WOVEN, REVERSIBLE table runner....

I cut the corners on an angle...just to be a little different plus I stepped out of my comfort zone colour wise....didn't hurt at all.

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