Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I'm such a nerd!

I was one of those nerdy kids that absolutely loved going to school...used to drive my brother insane. I loved getting new books  and all the new school supplies. I still could spend a lifetime and a fortune at Staples.  Anyway, to make a long story short I saw a binder cover at a quilt show last year and it stuck in my little mind for ever so long.  Today was the day.  I gathered up some batik scraps and made this three ring binder cover...remember how we used to make them out of paper bags....well, this is the same technique.  I improvised a little...added a pocket for pens and put in a closure so it looked like a folio instead of just a binder cover.
Course, I added some 1/4 inch graph paper...just in case I needed to draw a quilt pattern...and I included some plastic sleeves for important non-hole punched paper...just what you need, right????

This is for the new year at quilt's important to make notes.....especially when you are as forgetful as I am.  This took me most of the day.....should say afternoon since this morning I cut out some hickory nuts for.. as a friend said yesterday "television work".....

Sure is hot out one point it was 35 degrees celsius.....I hope I remember that when it's 30 below this winter....cheers!!

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