Thursday, July 9, 2015

sewing stuff

I love it when I get something done in one's my set of placemats that I started this am and finished this afternoon.  I originally thought to have batting in them but when I searched my "getting close to hoarder status" craft room I couldn't find the right batting. So I 'birthed" them and did some top stitching with a pretty variegated thread....all done!   It helped to have a sewing buddy that came and spent the day with me...she is a golf widow and I am a camp widow. We got a lot done   AND

I still have a basket full of kits and patterns that I just have to get a quilt in the frame, one waiting to go into the frame and one being hand pieced....I think I am insane!


GailM. said...

Ha-ha, I know the feeling. Nice place mats. Is that the ones that everyone is making...with the four fabrics.

Linda H said...

They are lovely Gail! I too love a "one day and done" project!