Friday, July 24, 2015

Busy is better!

What a wonderful day I had yesterday....I finished my Sudoku's all ready for binding....just have to cut out the binding and sew it on...that's a cuddle under the quilt activity that I love...

Then a friend came over with her machine and we set up in my craft room and sewed our little hearts out....she even brought lunch and fed how great is that!
This is what I made(she made one too). It's a wonderful wallet....I had seen this made last fall and wanted very much to make it.  A great teacher was supposed to come and show us how but we were unable to gather enough participants to make it worth her while...much to my sorrow.  Well my friend and I gathered up the supplies and grabbed hold of our courage and made our "Necessary Clutches". Surprisingly, it was not real hard to do...merely, time and labour intensive..
 As you can see by the poor angle of one of the folds I sewed the wrong has since been 'unsewed' and sewed again in the proper place.  I love this wallet/ much , I think I will put a wristlet on it so I can use it as a purse for quick trips.,,,it certainly is solid and a great pattern.
Christmas AGAIN!!! DD # 1 sent me this parcel of row by row patterns from the Ottawa quilt shops PLUS some blue fabrics perfect for water....I am such a lucky I have to get my rear in gear and make a row by row quilt top....stay tuned!

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