Sunday, May 31, 2015

A round to it done!

Remember this?  my cord carrier with bag attached to carry those attachments for your electronic devices...I found the pattern on Pinterest ...instructions were well written and it was easy to make.
 Well, DD # 2 decided she might like to have one of those as here is hers with the adjustments she requested.    The fabric on the inside is from DD # 1 is a fabric that she had created ...not sure what the drawing represents but there you go....ours is not to reason why.

Anyway, I used a heavier fusible web...a little more sturdy than mine but that is a good thing...I don't travel as much as the DD's.  I made the bag larger since I found that mine could have been made bigger to accommodate the plug-ins I took with me.
The other adjustment was a ribbon instead of a clasp...this way it lay flatter in the suitcase.  I made the ribbon extra long so DD can cut it as short as she wishes.  Interestingly enough, the red is actually more like a wine whereas in the picture it has a pink tone.  Now I shall send it off in the mail so she can use it when she comes to visit...she must remember to make room for a quilt to go back with her and I believe, she decided she would like to have one of the woven mats I made...good thing I bought another jelly roll to make another.....

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Colleen Gander said...

Thank you for pointing out this project. It would be a great travel companion and even a great thing to gather all those odds and sods in one one place at home. I'm on a roll for creating useful gifts this week.