Saturday, April 4, 2015

Got another UFO done!

Have you ever bought materials for a project, set it aside until you were ready to make same project then when you were ready discovered you had used some of the material for something else? Well that's what delayed this project.  I bought the shelf liner to use under this mat and when I took it out discovered half of it gone.  Still not sure what I used it for.  Oh well!

I went to Walmart today and got some more shelf liner to use for the bottom of this mat.  I used reproduction fabrics (in a jelly roll) for this one and although it does not match the one on the other side of the bed...seen here...

I still plan on using them in the same could say my decorating style is eclectic to say the least.

I really like the projects on Moda Bake shop website...always something different.  check it out and see for yourself.  Cheers..

on a more irritating is snowing outside....AGAIN!!!  GRRRR!

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Kirstin said...

It's bright and sunny out here now... and At least the mats are on separate sides of the bed ;)