Sunday, March 15, 2015

A snowy Sunday

This is our front is winter's "ha!ha! I'm not done with you yet !" message.  It's one of those blowy, snowy days with great big fat snowflakes that swirl and twirl and freeze your eyeballs and make it so awful to see ahead.  So what do we do....why go to town and have breakfast out. . that's what.  DH loves to drive in snowstorms, especially when we're the only idiots out there driving.  The snowplow driver actually looked at us like we were nuts...then again maybe he's right.
This thingy is one of four ...or will be, one of four placemats that hook together with buttons...haven't made the buttonhole yet.  It's from a pattern found on Moda's Bake Shop...a freebie and I loved doing it.  It is four mini quilts , actually, This one gave me an opportunity to practice my pebbling free motion.  It was actually good to make a whole bunch of circles all different sizes.  Now on to number two placemat....not sure how I'm going to do that one.....

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Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Hi Gail, what a snowy, blustering day, eh?
Your placemat is very cute.