Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Surprise! More Snow!

I took this picture before I went to bed last night.....when I got up this morning it was the same height so the worst of the storm was before midnight...just some blowing and a litttle snowing through the night.
However...when I got up this am and went to put the puppies out this is what greeted me.  Sheesh....this is the kind of thing we would get in Newfoundland in the winter and even up in the northern part of the province....not here.
I went out and spent over an hour shoveling , just to get to the door and clean it all up.  Some hard packed snow for about a couple of inches and then soft, powdery stuff below.  Good exercise but my toes nearly froze.  I'm such a wimp!!


Cathy said...

Hokey smokes, but that's a lot of snow. We got that storm here in southern Ontario before you did, but it didn't leave us with quite that much snow!! Now that you've got it all shovelled, it's a good day to stay in and quilt.

Dolores said...

We got the white stuff yesterday and I spent about 45 minutes out there. It was light and fluffy though even though I thought my fingers were getting frostbite.

Love Of Quilts said...

Bet it's pretty...but I don't want it. Stay warm.