Sunday, December 14, 2014

Time got away from me!

I noticed this practice around here a couple of years ago and thought it was kind of funny.  People put these big Christmas balls on their denuded trees....I guess you could call them "Charlie Brown" trees.  So , I figured.....when in Rome.....

Since this picture was taken we have had a wind and rain storm...two of the ornaments fell off ...they are now secured much more tightly  AND I decided what was there was not enough so I added three more...much bigger than these..   If I get ambitious I may put some lights on this poor tree , as well.

I would like to point out that this tree is 5 years old.  I propagated it from a flowering crab tree in St. George.   Actually, I had six of them.  Two survived on our property....the other one is much bigger than this one but way out back.  This one grew extremely well and provided us with crab apples ...enough to make 12 jars of crabapple jelly...our first attempt at jelly making. ONe of the six went to our neighbour but theirs is really small...I say it just doesn't like where they planted it. The rest just did not like the transplant...oh least three of them are doing well.  I used to like doing propagation when I had a big garden but now I just don't want to weed them no more propagation!!


Linda Smith said...

I see these popping up in my neighbourhood too. Looks great!

Love Of Quilts said...

You have a Merry Christmas.