Thursday, January 9, 2014

A New Year

DD number one was here for Christmas and caught Tigger in a quiet moment curled up in my chair.  Guess she was trying to keep the seat warm for me.  Sheesh...don't look at the dust on the base of  the chair...I never claimed to be a good housekeeper....
Here's little Faith in her usual spot.
I have been twacking around with some little quilty things.  This little basket is one of them.  I saw it on Pinterest (one of my recent obsessions) and went to the was a wonderfully instructive tutorial. I just know someone will be asking me how to make it...I'll have to write down the url somewhere.  I did a few other things as well but I just wanted to see how I was going to handle posting from my new computer and where I could put the files with my pictures.   So far, so good. 
Happy New Year to you all....!


GailM. said...

cute basket. I must look for you on pinterest and follow you.

Jacque. said...

ohhhhh, the dogs look so comfy! Love your little fabric basket...too cute!