Saturday, July 6, 2013

Warm weather interruptions!

I don't know what it is about warm weather, I just want to cocoon and clean up UFO' this one.  this is the Block of the month we did at guild and I finally got it all together, quilted and now it has been bound...Guess I'll just have to get to know someone having a baby or grandchild and give it away.. I enjoyed doing it even though it is not as colour coordinated as I would like...nice and bright though...babies like that, right????
I've had this pattern least it seems like that long.  I'm not sure what it is called...a wristlet of some store your crochet cotton in it. the thread comes out through the hole and you work is supposed to be from the Victorian era. Another craft I enjoy during the hot summer days...weird, hunh???
 I saw this somewhere and liked it a lot. easy enough to figure out and perfect for a table topper. I plan on backing it , of course, but this time I am going to practise my machine quilting. Will keep you posted.
Now this really intrigued me....a sweater knit from the top seams other than just under the arms.  It's based on a baby's pattern and calculated for an adult.  this one fits me...sort's been blocked (under the mattress for a week) and I do like it but will wear it with a turtle neck shirt or undershirt of some kind. Love wool but it makes me scratch....
I just finished this and DH says it is ugly..what does he know , right????  it's a summer fun purse. Whipped up really quick and I like it. Since I am the one using it that's all that matters. so there DH!!!

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