Sunday, April 28, 2013

Surprise Visitors...

DH gave a holler...did I see the raccoons?. Well I went to all the windows and searched but couldn't find any..he suggested I look up....There they were , two fat and sassy raccoons. They spent the day up there, waited until dark then disappeared....I'm glad to see them go...they are much bigger and certainly more vicious than our Shelties.  No doubt Tigger would have wanted to play and Faith would have been having a fit coniption if they wouldn't leave.  Plus, there is always the concern of rabies. The 'girls' are vaccinated but it isn't something I'd like them to contract.  Hate to admit it, but raccoons are cute to look at.
Here's what I've been spending my time at these evenings. These are 'preemie' caps. They'll go to the Regional Hospital in Saint John where all mommas go to have their babies around here. These're fun to do and so easy. I get into fits now and then and all I want to do is knit or crochet. My Mom taught me two crafts...knitting and embroidery. She couldn't sew a button on a shirt so I'm not sure where my interest in sewing and quilting came from.
I went to lunch with a few friends the other day...we had a show and tell session and one of the ladies brought out one of's a snap know one of those bags that uses a measuring tape in two pockets at top to 'snap' shut. I took measurements and here is my version. I think I will sew some folds at the bottom so it will stand up on its own...what do you think??

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