Monday, April 15, 2013

I've been to a Retreat!

 This was my first time attending the retreat at the Villa Madonna in Rothesay. It's a wonderfully refurbished convent...not sure who or what now takes care of it but they sure do a great job. The rooms are comfortable, the meals are amazing and the atmosphere is welcoming and clean...I recommend the Villa to anyone who wishes to have a great place to sew...for sure. This is Vivian working on her sweet baby quilt.
This pic. shows the brightness of the room...lots of light, big windows , lots of plugs and table... a big screen tv if you want to watch or listen, a library close by and a washroom on this level. Plus the elevator is there for transporting your machine and accoutrements...
 Ethel was working on her Bear Tracks...always pleasant and easy to talk to, this lady.
 Here is Judy trying to catch up on her block of the month...especially since it is for her grand daughter who is over a year old and still hasn't got a quilt from her "Nana".
 Leigh did a couple of I am calling "Spring" had flowers and a beehive and was so bright . The other also had flowers and was as equally pretty.
Patti was working on a very unique  project of Lighthouses...each light house was different and each square had a different pattern around the fussy-cut light house centre...can't wait to see this one finished.
 We had company for lunch on Wednesday and I caught Diana asking me what I wanted when I called her was the picture...right???
Evelyn was working on a sampler quilt while Angie was hand quilting...
This is another angle of the room. Believe it or not this is  the well lit.

 Jean put together a "Ten- Minute" quilt top then had to change her layout when she ran out of fabric. It turned out to be a happy mistake and looked great.
This lady, Vivian is 96 years young and this is one of the three projects she was working  on. This one she finished right away. I hope that I live to be 96 and I have half her energy. That smile is always in place...maybe that is her secret.

Anyway, that's my take on the retreat...I plan on going again next year especially since we decided to extend the week to  4 days instead of 3  and maybe if I bribe someone I can get the Bishop's suite, it has it's own bathroom/shower plus a sitting room.   I wonder who it is I have to bribe?????


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Linda H said...

It IS a great spot, for sure. It's run by the Saint John Catholic Diocese... Looks like lots of fun was had by all...

ReBecca P said...

I heard it was a great time - Maybe next year I'll try to go.