Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

 I promised myself that I would get this quilt in the frame over the Christmas holidays and I guess you could say I made the timeline....I put it in the frame two days ago.  I rarely make quilts larger than queen size batts...makes life simpler. Wouldn't you know it, this one was just four inches all around larger and I had to break down and buy a king size batt...didn't have any leftover batt to graft...oh well...
 This is a little project I found on line..I can't remember where but it certainly caught my eye. I love to make hexies and these are one inch hexagons..double sided and you leave the paper in for stability.  cute little ornament...I may make some more for next year.
Here's Tigger , sneaking in a lick or two...DD # 2 taught her this bad behaviour last year and needless to say, she hasn't forgotten it.  When I am filling the dishwasher she stays away but this time DD was the culprit who let her get away with this.
 And here's the 'bad bones' taking right over. She's up on the table...never did that before and guess who is encouraging her to misbehave....her favourite person in the whole world...DD # 2.
Here are the two  girlies, exhausted from a day of being chased around the house by DD # 1's dog...he's a beautiful Blue Merle Sheltie that is still a pup and figured these two were his personal entourage and they should play with him. they had other ideas.  (in case you're wondering, Faith does not like the blanket for long...she finds it too warm whereas, Tigger loves  it).

We had a great Christmas at this household and I hope it was the same for you at yours.  I wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2013.  Happy New Year to all.!!

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Love Of Quilts said...

Sure is a pretty quilt... could you tell me where you found the pattern.