Thursday, January 17, 2013

Got a new chair!

 Here's my old chair...a big swivel rocker that really is comfortable to sit in and rock away BUT it is difficult to get out of. I am tall and this chair is for the average height person. My knees don't work as well as they used to and I have to rock hard and kind of push myself up and out...a pain in the patootie...soooo, it is going to the Sharing Club in's still in really good shape so hopefully, someone will benefit.
 And here is my new chair....not as good a quality as the old one(that is oak and wicker you see up there) but this one is made for the tall person and that is me. It wraps around wonderfully for the lower back...bonus ....and it is higher off the floor ...great for the knees...I have no trouble getting out of the chair.  Plus it is a lazy boy girl and the ottoman is perfect for tired feet.  Boy, I'm a lucky hand sewer and appliquer....
 What's on your design wall these days? This one is mine. Our guild is doing a block of the month and this is my version. It is a cuddle quilt for a child and even though there are no grandkids in sight for this grandma wannabe, I figured what the hey, I'll make it anyway...someone ,somewhere will be having a baby someday.

This is what I am also working on...hand quilting my .....goodness, I don't know what to call this quilt. Considering the fact it's a 'play around on EQ" pattern I'll have to think of something.

Sure do like those fat feathers..they are fun to do and show up so well. This is actually the largest quilt I have ever made.

Here's the cuddle quilt that I am working on...designed by Lynda Howell...a very gracious lady that gave our guild permission to make the pattern in our BOM programme. You can find the instructions in Quiltmaker magazine, one of my number one choices for ideas.  

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GailM. said...

Sweet quilt. Nice for a BOM. Doing a guild BOM is a lot of work. We're doing it at Cotton Mill and whew... not everyone is at the same level...

Nice chair!! But your old one looks comfy too!