Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our Quilt Show is over....

 Sweet Threads of Life, Sussex Vale Quilters' Guild show and sale is all over and if you missed it, here are a few highlights(all about me, of course).  This is the admissions table, decorated by Lilliane Kyle and Melda MacMillan..and a wonderful job it very welcoming. I love to see flowers and knickknacks around...looks so warm and cosy.

Here are the original designs...all grouped together so that visitors can vote on them.  The winner was the Sandhill Crane by V.Leigh Smith...honestly, you expected the bird to walk out of the quilt and start strutting lifelike.  My original was the Canadian Christmas, eh! got a lot of votes and placed third...I'm happy.

My Baltimore Bouquet won in the bed Size Category for People's Choice. I wasn't surprised since this area is very traditional and so few people do applique by hand anymore.  Everyone is always effusive about the fact that I do that type of quilting but you know , no matter how many times I say it, I do love to do the work by hand.  I'm not a really good machine wielder. I need lots and lots of more practise.

I thought you might like to see this bow tie...thousand and thousands of bow ties.  Carol Davis has the most patience and is so precise, she blows me away. That's my Butterflies in My Garden beside it. See, more applique(and it was by hand, too)
You've seen this before...The 12 Days of Christmas.   It had reached the point where it was either fold the quilt in a rack or drape it over this divider. I wanted it draped even though it was kind of hidden away in the corner.  Someone wanted to know why there were only 11 squares so I explained about the 5 golden rings in the other squares.
The applique flowers wall hanging was the one that won for the people's choice in that category. I believe it  was in  a real neck and neck race with the small pineapple juse below my "A Tisket , A Tasket" baby quilt.  The appliqued flowers was done by Susan Snyder and a great job she did, indeed.

Just a little side note here.  One of the ladies in our guild sold 5 of the quilts that she had committed to our show...and trust me, we were all delighted on her behalf. She does amazing work...but that left us with 5 spots to fill and two days to do it.  So my co-chair asked me to dig into my quilt stash and fill in those spots. Well, I had quilts that were shown elsewhere but not here in Sussex so I complied.  And just so you all know, I do sleep!, I occasionally cook!! and it is not the Gail FEaron quilt show.  I just like to quilt and make quilty things and I share...what else can I say. With my obsession about quilts , in two years time there may be just as much again but different..... you'llsee then....

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GailM. said...

Really,it was such a nice quilt show. I went on the Saturday morning. What a great way to spend a rainy morning. The quilts were beautiful. I loved seeing all the quilts and especially loved seeing all your quilts that you blogged about. It's so much nicer to see them in person! Pass on my compliments to all the members of your guild. It was a great show.