Sunday, September 2, 2012

I'm Still Around....

 It's funny, Faith knows when her picture is being taken and will look directly at the camera and hold still.  I wonder if she remembers the days she was being shown and knows she had to pose...probably not..she more than likely wonders what the heck is "she" up to now...silly woman.
I volunteered to help with the programme at the quild I belong to and this is one of the projects we thought we might do. Since it pays to make things in advance and see just how long it may take and what, if any, steps are a little tricky  I made this one. It's a neat little whatzit bag . I like the finished product but I may change the way the zipper is finished. I think I would prefer the tabs attached to the zipper on the outside rather than tucked on the inside.  Plus , I think it would be easier for those diehards that hate zippers.

 This is another little project we may try. I enjoy making postcards. This one involved a little applique and little piecing and some embroidery.  This exact pattern may not be the actual pattern we will use but we are trying to encourage our members to step out of their comfort zone and try something different.

This is an of those snippet  projects where I learned that I am a little anal retentive...I cannot  cut randomly...I cut with an order in  straight lines and there's just no changing me.  This is a great little project for those ladies that hate to bring their machine(or cannot) but still want to participate.
 I did this one right after the snippet project above...figured if you can do it with random cuts why not do it with holly leaf shapes...I like this one better.  They are actually both fun to do and quick.

This is one of the things I am working on. A scrappy all done by hand. I like to have a "handwork" project on the go...sort of in the background while I work on all the other things by machine. I'm hoping to use up scraps ....I forgot that they breed and multiply when you're not looking.

These were meant to practise....grandmother's fan, curve piecing and how to curve for the backing AND machine quilting.  I tried, I really did , but by the third attempt and "unsewing" I gave up. I cannot, I repeat, cannot  machine quilt with any semblance of proficiency.  I am an absolute dud at it. Sooooo.... I fudged and played with some of the stitches on my Pfaff.  Forgive MW, I know I said I would machine quilt ...well I made a stab at it with the centre and it is crap.!!!!!
This is the quilt that is currently in my quilting frame. It is my daughter's . It is hand appliqued and machine pieced. She did a beautiful job and decided she would like to have Mom quilt it. I usually get one a year to finish for her. I have the option of choosing what patterns I wish to quilt...that's always nice.  Those two fluffy things in the forefront are "flowers" of fabric.  Now they were fun and easy to do.

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