Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm brown bagging!

 It's actually more green than brown but the play on words worked better with brown bagging. It's my latest project.  Can't remember what it is called now, I'd have to go downstairs to find the pattern and I'm too lazy to do that....sooo..., it is a see through you can see, large enough to hold a six inch cutting board, large scissors and probably more ...but I do like it. It was simple to to do...may do more for gifts....
 This is Tigger's kennel....she likes to have a hidey hole for when it's thundering outside ....but that is Faith sneaking out.  We caught her sleeping in there and when I got the camera ,she knew she was busted , so she came out... poor little Tigger was very upset, since Faith won't let her up on the bed when she's up there....children!!!
This is the kind of reception DH gets when he comes home from his 3 day hiatus in the camp.  Tigger does her "rub my belly" dance on her back...little slut!  and Faith just gets to lickin' whatever she can reach...needless to say, the tails just keep wagging.  Now , when I come home , it's just a little wag tail dance and off they bounce to the pantry where their treats are kept...better than wearing a pork chop around my neck, I guess.


GailM. said...

I made a few of those bags (I call them pouches) to carry around my embroidery and/or hand quilting things. I didn't realize there was a pattern. I made up a pattern. I wonder how they addressed the issue of enclosing the edges vinyl. If you come across the name of the patter, would you let me know.

I find the little pouches so useful.

Love Of Quilts said...

I was laughing out loud at your saying little slut! You aren't just a little Jealous now are you. lol