Saturday, May 19, 2012

Debbie's Fabric

 This is a microwave bowl...I made one before but it was just a tad too big for our small microwave...this one fits sooo much better.  The fabric that I used was from a stash that my friend Debbie brought to me. She had cut it out for a quilt top , put it aside when life got in the way and then when she got back to it couldn't remember the pattern she had decided on.  Sound familiar????  Any way....this microwave bowl works so much better that I decided I shall make some for gifts...we're going roading this week and staying with family and extended family.
 Here's some more of that aforementioned fabric....made into a small pillowcase for my favourite travelling pillow. I bought it years ago on a road trip and have used it only for its main purpose....resting my head while travelling in the car.  DH is one of those drivers that goes from point a to point b and maybe, just maybe will stop if I absolutely have to have a rest stop.  He's mellowed out these latter least now he'll stop every few hours for a walkabout to stretch....he's a wonderful driver so I am not complaining...just sayin'.
This is what I have been fiddling around with lately.  It's the 12 days of Christmas as found in Quiltmaker magazines. I see they are selling it as a kit now....convenient to have it all together in a took me ages to go through all my mags to find the patterns and then there was always the chance that I would have missed a step or two.  Looking forward to having it all appliqued and ready to quilt.What are you working on these days?

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